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Unlock value in key processes

Successful logistics companies are unlocking value in their supply chain processes while maintaining their focus on the customer.
Logistics companies have always been challenged to coordinate various modes of transportation to deliver goods cost effectively. 
Now, they must also respond to an even greater need for speed while contending with higher fuel prices, falling margins and a volatile economic environment. Plus, they must operate with aging and redundant systems and highly manual processes.
By examining processes end-to-end, with a focus on the outcomes they need to generate, these firms are finding opportunities to standardize and automate operations in ways that enhance, but do not disrupt, the course of business.
Some companies are also working with partners to boost operating margins, serve their customers and differentiate themselves from their competitors.
How to embrace the post-pandemic, digital-driven future of work

Digital will separate the winners from the laggards in the hypercompetitive, post-pandemic business landscape. We undertook a global, multi-industry study to know how businesses are preparing for this future and here’s what we found.

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Though the industry was hit hard by COVID-19, our research shows that wise technology investment will help manufacturers weather challenges and thrive in the digital future.


Transform supply chain to value chain

At Cognizant, we understand the logistics industry and how to optimize costs and improve profitability. Working with both Cognizant and leading partner solutions, we employ the latest digital tools to optimize operations in the following areas:

Processing invoices manually is inefficient and open to error in complex logistics operations. Our invoice automation approach cuts costs, saves time, boosts efficiency and strengthens compliance. As accounts receivables are better managed, days sales outstanding ratios improve.

Combining robotic process automation with machine learning and cognitive technologies to create intelligent operations, we offer intelligent process automation (IPA) solutions that deliver significant value and productivity gains. Our IPA solutions make processes smarter and elevate workforce productivity by automating end-to-end business operations.

Leveraging the power of internet of things and data from sensors, our solutions help you better manage assets, get real-time alerts, minimize downtime, improve mean time to repair, and drive predictive analytics and insights.

Cognizant’s digital supply chain management solutions help keep purchasing, manufacturing and distribution aligned. Our logistics clients benefit from strong reverse logistics support, master data management and “control tower” flow logistics for tracking deliveries in real time.

Today’s customers expect accurate and on-time deliveries all the time. Regardless of the size and complexity of your business, we can help. With Cognizant’s industry knowledge of the latest cloud and digital platforms, our team can implement customer service solutions that are faster, and more accessible and accurate than ever before.

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Serving customers by looking forward as well as back is a big promise, but the power of today’s new digital capabilities is vast and growing.

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