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Infrastructure Services

Connected. Cognitive. Always-on.

Transform your infrastructure for the digital era.
Today’s customers want seamless, intuitive and personalized experiences while they’re using products and services. The digital era is forcing companies like yours to transform through technology to stay relevant. Your business must be always-on and your infrastructure must predict change before it happens, to act fast and put a smile on the faces of users.
Cognizant is helping you prepare for the digital era with infrastructure services that are transforming the face of enterprises. We can help your business maximize the potential of automation and a software defined data center (SDDC) by delivering services through a business-aligned catalog model.


Stay ahead of the curve

Business demands keep changing—which means your infrastructure must do more to stay ahead of the competitive curve. Cognizant Cloud and Infrastructure Services keeps your business always ready, powers up employee productivity, integrates your departments and groups, and future-proofs your organization.

Increase experiences at scale

Harnessing all that ServiceNow offers requires a fresh, strategic, knowledgeable approach to business modernization. Cognizant’s consultative approach helps you to create digital workflows based on the power and flexibility of the Now platform®—and to run them at scale across your entire organization.

Our partnership and collaboration with ServiceNow ensures that we continue to drive successful business outcomes. Utilizing the power of the Now platform, we create digital workflows that transform processes and deliver the experiences that employees need and customers expect.

Transform your workplace for the new normal

WorkNEXT™, Cognizant’s digital workplace solutions suite, delivers personalized, seamless experiences for your employees  anywhere, anytime, on any device. In addition to leveraging AI, analytics and automation, our solutions also:

  • Enable remote collaboration with flexible working models
  • Improve employee productivity
  • Resolve employee issues faster
  • Create intelligent workspaces that promote creativity, innovation and collaboration

Delivering customer experiences

With ever-increasing, real-time data generation, processing and consumption at the edge of the enterprise, leading companies are building edge-to-core infrastructure services with an outside-in view. Cognizant’s Edge Services offers managed edge-to-core computing and related industry solutions, services and platforms for industry nuances and scale.

Integrate with digital

Connecting departments and groups

As the volume and velocity of data and interactions continue to increase, the departments and groups in your organization must be integrated. Service management and artificial intelligence (AI) need to be enabled to offer seamless and intelligent services.

Cognizant can help strengthen the integration points across your organization. We offer next-generation service management and industry platforms for healthcare, financial services and insurance. We also offer automation and AI services, service integration and management (SIAM), DevOps and risk/compliance/regulatory services.

Accelerate digital journey

Cognizant's Hybrid Cloud offering provides a comprehensive portfolio of services covering design, build, migrate and operate across private and public cloud environments. It establishes the foundation for digital-ready operations by transforming legacy IT to a future-ready as-a-service delivery model. Also, it lets you choose a best-fit option to meet your most particular requirements.

Latest thinking

Partner spotlight

Cognizant is a Premier Consulting Partner and Channel Reseller of Amazon Web Services (AWS), which provides a reliable, scalable, low-cost infrastructure platform in the cloud.


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