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Cognizant Neuro IT Operations

IT operations that drive business outcomes

The Cognizant Neuro® IT Operations platform uses AI-powered automated tools to improve resilience, reduce complexity and give enterprises full visibility over IT operations. With an automated, repeatable approach that is continuously learning and growing, we make running your business smarter and safer.

The platform that sets the foundation for future-ready digital business is here. 

The benefits of automation-first IT

Enterprises struggle with complex platforms and applications that, when managed reactively, increase risk and inefficiency. A single, unified view across environments that can proactively identify issues and solve for them in an intelligent, secure and automated way enables breakthrough performance in IT operations.  

Visibility across the ecosystem

Deeper insights, holistic observability and real-time monitoring across your entire IT landscape.

Proactive, AI-driven operations

Reduces downtime and quickly resolves issues with streamlined intelligent incident detection.

Automated escalation process

Rapid resolution with automated filtering, clustering, ticket routing and prioritization.

Self-healing IT ecosystem

Automated issue resolutions at scale, backed by AI to continuously learn and improve from ecosystem data.


Partner with us

Transform the way technology is delivered, supported, and improved upon in your organization.

Next-gen managed services

Our collaborative approach leverages innovative technologies combined with our experience scaling operations to realize breakthroughs in performance.

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Shift to value

Cognizant orchestrates human design, intelligent automation and AI to reduce IT operations cost and risk while unlocking business insight and agility.

Intelligent ecosystem

Market-leading tools and connectors integrate your entire IT ecosystem with a single pane of glass view that provides intelligent visibility into the state of the business for transparency and new levels of insight.

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Cognizant Neuro®
co-innovation lab

If your organization is looking to transform IT operations, our experts can work with you to understand the benefits that can be achieved and to develop plans for transition and adoption.

See the platform in action

Ready to get hands-on with the Cognizant Neuro IT Operations platform? Inquire below for more information.