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Focus on the customer experience and increase satisfaction, reduce cost.

Customer engagement remains a top concern of utility executives worldwide, and for good reason. With renewables and alternate energy sources on the rise, leading utilities must now compete with a host of digital startups. This in turn is forcing them to re-evaluate their infrastructure and upgrade systems and processes that have long been ignored—including CRM systems.
As more utilities embark on a journey to transform the customer experience, the greater the need for tight integration across customer touchpoints becomes clear. From customer service and workforce optimization to billing, payment and debt collection, Cognizant UtilityOne Insights helps you:
  • Create a scalable system landscape that easily integrates with legacy applications
  • Increase customer satisfaction across all devices and lower cost of ownership. Easily integrate with legacy customer applications
  • Lower turnaround time of customer calls
  • Upsell and cross-sell customers with related products and services of interest
Integrated customer communication
Integrated customer communication

Get a 360-degree view of client communications, including, email, text messages and more. Automate email response using mobile apps and OCR.

Customer service & support
Customer service & support

Create a single point of contact with integrated voice, chat and video call handling. Streamline the agent desktop with automated processes and customer self-service.

Marketing & sales operations
Marketing & sales operations

Analyze customer preferences and create more effective marketing campaigns. Leverage machine learning to learn from the data and create next-best actions.

Latest thinking

Decision-making: The new frontier for automation

Decision process automation is a forward-looking, practical strategy to improve enterprise operations, enabling faster responses to rapidly changing conditions and identifying options for action based on a more complete exploration of potential outcomes.

Energy and utilities under pressure

Our recent study shows companies are already separating from the pack based on how they deploy advanced technologies and business models. In this e-book, we offer business and tech leaders in the fast evolving E&U industry our research-based insights on the best next steps to take.


Supporting service capabilities

Best of breed features with quick integration

Cognizant UtilityOne Insights is a completely integrated platform that enables a single view of customer, skill and availability based on assignment and the best possible interaction with customers through analytics-based insights. It is primarily built on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform and can be offered either as a hosted platform on premises or cloud—or offered as services depending on the client’s needs and existing infrastructure.

With UtilityOne Insights, integration is straightforward with existing enterprise CIS (Customer Information System) applications, customer telephony, and third-party communication applications for email, print and SMS. Our consultants and services team is available to help integration with other customer backend systems such as collections and revenue protection applications.

Connect cross-channel behavior

UtilityOne Insights includes services and solutions that help utilities obtain a single customer view in their contact centers. This helps them reduce call handling times, decrease costs and improve customer satisfaction. Among them are:

  • Unified Agent Experience: This feature provides an integrated view of the customer so that the agent is always armed with the right information, including key data points and guided scripts.
  • Unified Customer View: By assimilating information from systems across a typical customer operations landscape, this feature gives agents valuable insights and begins every customer interaction with the right information at hand. 
  • Custom Customer Routing: This feature routes all types of incoming work items, including voice, email, SMS and leads, to the most qualified agent available.
  • Data-Driven Insights: Creates proactive experiences by determining the next-best interaction with customers based on prior analytical insights.

Take the first step

Serving customers by looking forward as well as back is a big promise, but the power of today’s new digital capabilities is vast and growing.

Let’s talk about how digital can work for your business.