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Engineering the modern workplace

Deliver superior employee experiences with a digital workplace strategy that focuses on transforming work style, organizational processes, workplace technology and physical workspaces.
WorkNext™, Cognizant’s digital workplace solutions suite, provides a cloud-ready, personalized, seamless experience for your employees anywhere, anytime, on any device. By leveraging our solutions using AI, analytics and automation, you can:
  • Enable remote collaboration with flexible working models
  • Improve employee productivity
  • Resolve employee issues faster
  • Create intelligent workspaces that promote creativity, innovation and collaboration
  • Discover more about our cloud-first solutions
Deliver superior outcomes

The most productive businesses implement resilient, secure working environments with employee-centric technologies to enhance collaboration, increase productivity and advance capabilities that help attract and retain talent.


WorkNext offerings

The move to remote work and disruptive digital technologies is changing the modern workplace. Redefining work means shifting from a business-centric to an employee-centric “anywhere anytime, any device” model—while keeping your enterprise compliant and secure. Cognizant’s WorkNext digital workplace offerings are contextual, insights-enabled, agile and secure.

Enable secure, contextual access

Unified Device Services enable seamless, secure and contextual access to devices and resources from anywhere, anytime and any device. Our offerings encompass desktop virtualization, cloud-hosted desktops, VDI, remote access to physical machines and unified device management. They include:

  • WorkNext Cloud Workspace, an integrated cloud solution that delivers applications for employees in a virtual desktop as a service model. Learn more 
  • WorkNext Unified Device Management (UDM) enables BYOD for secure access to corporate data and apps. It redefines how enterprise IT delivers and manages applications, devices and services to users across all platforms. It also provides an easy-to-consume hardware leasing option for enterprise devices to reduce costs. Learn more
  • WorkNext Remote Desktop enables secure remote access to on-premise resources, anytime for remote employees.

Seamless collaboration for productivity

Collaboration Services use leading collaboration and communication tools to foster teamwork among employees in multiple locations. Our integrated approach helps enterprises with cross-channel messaging, calling, video meetings and file sharing. Offerings include:

  • WorkNext Unified Communication and Collaboration Services (voice, video) bring together collaboration platforms and systems like Microsoft Teams, Amazon Chime, Cisco Webex, Amazon WorkDocs and more, eliminating management hassles across discrete tools.
  • WorkNext M365 Solution is a user-centric interactive solution that provides secure, best-in-class delivery and management. It combines features and toolsets from the Windows 10 operating system, Office 365 ProPlus productivity suite and Enterprise Mobility and Security package. Learn more
  • WorkNext Digital Contact Center is a scalable, omnichannel, cloud-based digital contact center. It enables a contact center solution for both support staff and remote users.

User experience, AI & automation-enabled support

The Digital Support Services suite consists of AI-powered, virtual assistant-led solutions to provide swift, personalized support to your employees, regardless of their location and devices. Combining capabilities across chat, voice and email, the suite leverages AI and automation to support EX and enhance productivity. Offerings include:

  • WorkNext AI-powered Service Desk, a comprehensive digital engagement solution that delivers personalized service desk support for users. Learn more
  • WorkNext DigiHub, a digital user interaction hub that serves as a one-stop shop for user interaction with the IT department.
  • WorkNext Analytics services, which help increase visibility by proactively monitoring IT assets, even at remote locations.
  • WorkNext AR-enabled field support services, which efficiently manage diverse IT estates, including complex and nonstandard equipment, through Cognizant’s AR-powered Digital Field Services solution.
  • WorkNext Remote Out of Band (OOB) solution, powered by Intel’s vPro Active Management Technology (AMT), enabling your IT teams to discover, repair and help protect out-of-band assets.

Enhance workplace experiences

Connected Workspace Services reinvents physical spaces, optimizes synergies between the physical and digital worlds and facilitates seamless switching between the two. These services leverage AI, automation and IoT to create smart workspaces that create an immersive workplace experience, elevating EX and productivity. Offerings include:

  • WorkNext Building Management Solution, a total facilities and energy management solution to monitor, manage and control energy devices and create smart workspaces.
  • WorkNext Smart Meeting Room, delivering intelligent meeting environments that integrate best-in-class conferencing technologies, AI and automation to create a superior meeting experience.

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