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Drive innovation and outcomes with Cognizant + AWS

Cognizant works with global enterprises, across all industries to build robust, modern and secure digital platforms on AWS cloud, enabling them to accelerate innovation, scale business services and improve operational agility.
As a premier AWS partner, Cognizant advances your digital transformation journey through core modernization. We drive efficiencies, unlock new business opportunities and provide richer customer experiences through cloud consulting, migration and operational improvements.
Let our experts help you use AWS cloud technology to improve time to market and lower your organizational costs.


Speed growth with agile cloud solutions

As an AWS Telco Competency Partner, Cognizant is ready to take your company to the next level. Transform your business, operations, and experience with our engineering services and software solutions. Whether your goal is to become a leader in the market for digital connectivity or to streamline the content value chain, we deliver the solutions and scalability that help your business thrive.

Accelerate your move to the cloud

Cognizant’s Cloud Migrate is a comprehensive offering that helps you execute your AWS cloud migration strategy by transforming platforms, applications and data. We use a structured, risk-mitigated approach for full-stack migration that includes apps, infrastructure, security and DevOps.

Deliver agile cloud operations with AWS

Cognizant’s AWS Cloud Operate helps organizations manage and optimize their cloud infrastructure using our Integrated Cloud Management Platform (ICMP), frameworks and AWS best practices. The framework is designed around four tenets of governance—financial, technology, service and security, and regulatory—to mitigate risks, maximize innovation and achieve faster time to market.

We’re using AI/ML to automate cloud management services end to end, including monitoring and notification, provisioning and orchestration, configuration management, governance, security, application performance management and optimization services. This ensures cost savings, improved agility, a better user experience and enhanced security.


Maximize digital transformation

Cognizant offers an array of AWS-based service offerings to securely transform your digital core, maximize enterprise-wide transformation and drive innovation. We leverage our in-depth skills and cross-industry experience in data, applications, security and compliance, proprietary tools, frameworks and accelerators.

Modernize and optimize legacy platforms

Cognizant offers out-of-the-box services with built-in new-age AWS technologies to modernize the legacy infrastructure platforms. Offerings include:

  • Migration acceleration and readiness: Assess, build and migrate legacy workloads quickly and methodically, leveraging automation and specialized tools via AWS Migration Acceleration Partner (MAP) Program of AWS.
  • Windows modernization: Leveraging our Windows Modernization Studio, we help enterprises with large Windows estate and software that are end-of-life to migrate on to AWS Cloud Native  such as SQL Server on Windows to SQL server on Linux on AWS, SQL Server on Windows to Amazon Aurora, .NET to containers/Amazon EC2 container service, .NET to Micro-services and .NET to AWS Lambda serverless migrate on to AWS Cloud.
  • Cloud contact center: Modernize your contact center by using Amazon’s full AI slate (Polly, Lex, Rekognition), which integrates with AWS Connect.
  • Connected ecosystem: Increase operational efficiency, boost security and compliance and improve overall CX using smart solutions that leverage AWS IoT core, Amazon FreeRTOS, AWS Greengrass and AWS Cognito on AWS Cloud.
  • Cognizant AWS workspaces: Simplify workspace environment with virtual desktops at scale, available anywhere and anytime on any device, powered by AWS Workspaces.
  • Compliant cloud: Leverage our expertise in architecting a highly scalable, available and agile AWS infrastructure, certified with security and industry compliance using robust Cloud Native services from AWS. 
  • Cloud economics: Optimize your cloud with minimum spend. Our cyclic framework ensures all aspects of due diligence, assessment, risk analysis, business impact and change management handled flawlessly with significant cost savings.
  • Mainframe modernization: Migrate and modernize mainframe applications on to AWS Cloud that encompasses Mainframe Rehost Strategy, APIzation, Optimization, DevOps and Data Modernization integrated with industry-standard tools to reduce cost and risk.
  • Hybrid Cloud accelerator: The modernization journey that native AWS architectures makes possible can be accelerated within on-premise environment and transformed into cloud-ready workloads with AWS outposts. As an AWS Outposts Partner, Cognizant will work with clients to re-architect complex enterprise IT workloads to modernize and support their on-premise and cloud-based infrastructure. 

Analyze data, gain insights

Enterprises feel the need to use data as their competitive advantage. We live in a data economy and digitally native companies are setting the bar.

  • AI Data Modernization methods: Leverage data reference model that enterprises can use to reimagine their data and analytics foundation, using a set of attributes that will help modernize their data ecosystem in a structured way. This accelerates time to market by 30-70%, reduces total cost of data by 40% and realizes value in 3 to 6 months.
  • BigDecision: Data Modernization Services platform/workbenches built on micro services architecture that accelerates the journey to AWS cloud by adopting a configurable approach rather than a coding paradigm.
  • Intelligent Data Works: Intelligent Data Works is a data foundry that comes with a collection of accelerators, tools and frameworks that help customers to migrate their legacy data structures and code with a custom build option to business specific scenarios on the AWS Cloud.

Transform your applications

Cognizant Application Modernization builds smarter migration roadmaps and strategies enabling businesses to be agile, resilient, secured and cost effective through industry standards frameworks, tools and platforms.

The offering includes:

  • Migration assessments and transformation recommendations through our Shared Services Platform ecosystem, inclusive of Upshift, its plugins and container deployment platform (CDP)
  • Migration process acceleration through our AWS’s migration acceleration partner (MAP) program
  • Landing zone inclusive of DevOps pipelines, serverless computing models & micro services architecture with containers, Cloud native and non-native as appropriate

Move & Modernize combines AWS’s latest tooling and automation with Cognizant’s application modernization, app management and cloud management capabilities, delivering end-to-end cloud transformation and driving a superior customer experience on AWS.

Industry solutions

Get up-and-running quickly with our industry-specific prebuilt, out of the box solutions.


Our tools and accelerators help organizations evaluate health and cloud-readiness of applications, reverse engineer application code, design and deploy microservices, speed up time-to-value, and extract maximum value at every stage in the cloud journey.


Sought-after credentials

Cognizant has earned certifications from AWS in multiple competencies, ranging from industry-specific areas such as Financial Services, Healthcare and Life Sciences to functional specialties such as migration, serverless architectures and CloudFormation.

Operating at scale

As an AWS Cloud Operations Services Competency launch partner, Cognizant has demonstrated five fundamental cloud solution areas—Cloud Governance, Cloud Financial Management, Monitoring & Observability, Compliance & Auditing and Operation Management. We deliver high-quality solutions and help customers to achieve the model to operate at scale.

Deliver standout digital learning experiences

Partner with AWS and Cognizant to take your learning platform to the next level. Designed to enhance education and drive outcomes, our education services range from consulting and digital experience strategy to technology enablement, implementation and systems integration. Whether you’re a publisher, higher-ed institution or EdTech provider, our team’s expertise will expand your horizons.

Solutions for the oil and gas industry

As an AWS Energy Competency Partner, Cognizant has demonstrated success in building solutions that help the oil and gas industry deliver more energy options, reduce costs and provide higher customer satisfaction. Our innovative cloud-based solutions enable energy providers to lift performance to new heights.

A proven track record

As an AWS Financial Services (FS) Competency Partner, Cognizant has demonstrated industry expertise, readily implemented solutions that align with AWS architectural best practices and has staff with AWS certifications. We have a proven track record of delivering the highest-quality AWS engagements for FS clients, demonstrated deep expertise in the FS domain on the AWS platform and delivered engagements seamlessly in the AWS cloud environment.

Harnessing gen AI excellence

Cognizant stands at the forefront of gen AI innovation, expertly leveraging AWS technology to address complex challenges. With a deep understanding of artificial intelligence, Cognizant crafts bespoke solutions that harness the power of AWS’s advanced tools, ensuring clients benefit from intelligent, efficient and scalable outcomes. This expertise positions Cognizant as a leader in transforming industries through gen AI-driven strategies.

Solutions for payers for payers and providers

As an AWS Healthcare Competency Partner, Cognizant has demonstrated success in building solutions for healthcare payers and providers that securely store, process, transmit and analyze patient information. We give you access to innovative, cloud-based solutions with a proven track record of handling patient data and other health information adhering to compliance.

Unlock the power of HPC

Cognizant’s AWS practice delivers high performance computing (HPC) solutions that include high performance solvers, platforms and workload management. Our extensive experience in healthcare, life sciences and insurance enables us to address the unique challenges and opportunities across these industries.

Technical and customer sucesses

As an AWS Life Sciences Competency Partner, Cognizant has demonstrated technical and customer successes in building Life Sciences solutions on AWS. We can help you conduct drug discovery, manage clinical trials, engage in manufacturing and distribution activities, conduct research and development of novel genetic-based treatments and companion diagnostics.

Streamlined best practices

As an AWS Machine Learning and MLOps Competency Partner, Cognizant demonstrates the highest degree of competence in all aspects of ML for customer success. Our practices carry forward the integration of AWS machine learning technologies into release management, as well as continuous integration and development practices (CICD), software development and data engineering activities and operations. This ensures our customers obtain streamlined and enforced architectural best practices for model operationalization, repeatable efficiency and success at scale.

Proven end-to-end capabilities

As an AWS Mainframe Migration Competency Partner, Cognizant delivers end-to-end migration of mainframe workloads to AWS, using proven mainframe modernization services, deep competencies in legacy technologies, in-house accelerators and partnerships. We start by building on core business requirements using incremental modernization methods for proven customer success to reduce risk and control change that affects all business stakeholders.

Expertise in all phases

As an AWS Migration Competency Partner, Cognizant has deep experience helping businesses move successfully to AWS, through all phases of complex migration projects, discovery, planning, migration and operations. We focus on developing your internal skills and helping build the foundations for complex migrations to AWS. We are also experts in reducing friction when migrating legacy applications.

Transform into a modern enterprise

As an AWS SAP Competency Partner, Cognizant has demonstrated highest level of specialization in SAP with deep AWS technical expertise and proven customer success in transformational SAP on AWS engagements. With our deep expertise, we can help you with seamless SAP deployments and rapid migrations on AWS, optimized operations with managed platform and contextualized industry specific SAP solutions on AWS.

Accelerate transformation with agile security

As an AWS Security Competency Partner, Cognizant offers modern tools and frameworks that provide unique security capabilities available on AWS. We deliver industry-specific security solutions that simplify complexities, proactively detect and protect your workloads and use cases and enable automation at scale.

Keeping your biggest security challenges top of mind throughout the process, we deploy frameworks that align context, risks and blind spots, governance and compliance requirements. By doing so, we ensure that controls are effective across your entire architecture and stay aligned with your ever-changing business objectives.

Become a telco leader

As an AWS Telco Competency Partner, Cognizant is ready to take your company to the next level. Transform your business, operations and customer experiences with our engineering services and software solutions. Whether your goal is to become a leader in the market for digital connectivity or streamline your content value chain, we deliver scalable solutions that will help your business thrive.

Innovative travel solutions

The AWS Travel and Hospitality Competency designation recognizes that Cognizant has demonstrated the highest level of industry and domain expertise with deep AWS technical knowledge implementing T&H industry solutions. Our depth of industry knowledge in collaboration with AWS has delivered digital transformation initiatives, omnichannel solutions, and improved the customer journey and experience for our clients’ brands.


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