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Application Services

Your end-to-end application modernization partner

Businesses are struggling to manage the cost and complexity of legacy technology while operating effectively and preparing for the future. Our end-to-end work enhances operations, increases efficiency, removes technical debt and modernizes applications for what is coming next.

Business outcomes and strong ROI

Some of the results we’ve delivered

Introducing Cognizant SkygradeTM: Go cloud-native at enterprise scale faster than ever

Cognizant’s force-multiplier for enterprise application modernization services, Skygrade, offers generative AI, modern tooling and deep hyperscaler specialization to accelerate holistic cloud-native transformations.

Focus areas of our work

How we partner with enterprise clients to unlock modern applications

Cognizant partners with businesses to engineer, modernize and manage enterprise applications with unmatched speed and efficiency, backed by automation and intelligent tooling. By leveraging modern software engineering principles, homegrown platforms, deep industry expertise and strategic partnership networks, we help our clients do more and think big.

Unlock the full value of a cloud-native enterprise

By connecting proven cloud-modernization tooling, industry experience, reference architectures, observability systems and innovative new AI-driven techniques, Cognizant’s award-winning modernization services are more capable than ever of accelerating enterprise cloud transformation.

  • Application-led cloud modernization and migration

Backed by our Cognizant Skygrade™ platform, Cognizant experts take an automation-first approach to cloud modernization and migration, transitioning applications to cloud-native faster while prioritizing business agility and elastic scalability.

  • Business-led modernization and migration

With Cognizant’s tooling-backed, consultative approach, we develop a comprehensive understanding across stakeholders of how modernization can drive value and achieve key business goals and set a clear path forward for transformation programs. With Skygrade, we provide stakeholders with custom dashboards to monitor modernization programs and estate performance.

Eliminate debt, maximize automation and fuel transformation

Achieve the hyper-industrialization of application management and reduce operational expenses by up to 50% through intelligent automation. With Cognizant, businesses gain access to rich application management expertise backed by our Cognizant Neuro® IT Operations platform, bringing AI-driven automation to the entire IT operations lifecycle. Get the most from your applications, reduce human effort and decrease complexity to accelerate business-critical innovation programs.

  • Platform-led application management
    Industrialize application management with our AI and ML-based Cognizant Neuro IT Operations platform to sustain optimal performance.
  • Debt and automation management as-a-service
    Minimize application debt, maximize automation and reduce cost across the portfolio with continuous self-optimization driven by generative AI.

  • SRE transformation
    Adopt Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) and other modern engineering principles to enhance agility, speed and reliability in your enterprise.

How we go farther with clients

When partnering with Cognizant for application services, our clients expect us to deliver measurable business value. That means speed, adaptability to real-time needs, an unshaken commitment to quality, smart usage of technology to drive efficiency and collaborative ownership over vision and outcomes.

Our services are people-led and backed by IP and processes that accelerate our work to get more done, in less time and with better results.

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Whether pursuing modernization of your enterprise application estate or seeking a modern, more efficient approach to application management, Cognizant is here to help.

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