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Accelerate the shift to digital

Conventional insurance business models have proven to be remarkably flexible for quite a while, but the industry is starting to feel the impact that digital technology has on how products and services are delivered.
As a result, this digital shift will change the nature of those products and services, and even the business model itself. The insurance industry is facing intense market pressures from many angles—new entrants are quickly exploiting new technology to offer niche offerings while consumers are clamoring for the pleasing experiences they are now routinely offered by retailers and other industries. 
We believe that the companies that move swiftly and decisively are likely to be those that win big. New revenue streams await insurers who can tap into digital to shift from being purely reactive—indemnifiers of risk—to more proactive partners to their customers, perhaps helping them to avoid needing to file a claim at all. Successful insurers will automate processes that are cumbersome to free up resources who can focus on designing and delivering insights & experiences that will keep them in lock-step with their customers and prospects.
We help insurers reimagine and create digital ready processes that not only drive superior performance but also close the process gaps between customers, suppliers and partners with automation, insights, point solutions and platforms. Cognizant has developed a host of proprietary point solutions and platforms for the end-to-end insurance value chain that are industry leading examples to deliver better outcomes.


Property & Casualty
Property & Casualty

Achieve greater performance in optimizing operations, redesigning experiences and business model digitization.

Life & Annuity
Life & Annuity

Connect directly with customers more effectively, streamline operations, consolidate systems and accelerate time to market, while reducing operating expenses.

Offerings and platforms

Helping insurers focus on growth

We help insurers re-engineer, digitize, manage and operate their most essential business processes to improve customer experiences, heighten efficiency and lower operating costs, all to drive growth.

Improve processes through automation

Deliver great experiences directly to your policyholders and prospects, while improving quality, reducing costs and transforming life and annuity operations performance.

Optimize operations to drive future growth

Combine our specialized P&C capabilities and digital expertise to transform your business, operating and technology models, supporting multichannel CX strategies while also reducing operating costs and improving efficiency.

Simplify processes for superior customer experience

Leverage full lifecycle policy administration services across Personal & Commercial, Life & Group Benefits and Annuities and Retirement Services. We enable insurance carriers to achieve their dual mandate—achieving revenue growth while being operationally efficient—through our expertise and experience in serving the global markets.

Prevent workers’ comp claims leakage

Improve your workers’ compensation loss ratio with better control over medical benefits. Our treatment plan engine creates standard templates for bill review and uses evidence-based guidelines to enable you to make objective decisions.

Industry ready claims processes for accurate decisions

Effectively cover the end-to-end claims life cycle with our customized and transparent offering. This includes first notice of loss (FNOL) to assessment, claims adjudication, subrogation, reserve management and payments.

Why IPA?
Greater ROI

Elevate workforce productivity by automating specific functions as well as end-to-end business operations. Leveraging leading automation platforms, we partner with you to improve workforce productivity and streamline customer experiences to drive business performance and growth.

Digitally transform finance and accounting

Transform finance and accounting operations into a value generator for your organization. Apply next-generation digital capabilities to enhance existing investments and turn procure-to-pay, order-to-cash, record-to-report and financial planning into valuable business insights.

Treat your customers right

Achieve new revenue-generating opportunities for your organization with next-generation customer service. We enable you to deliver proactive, predictive interactions across all your customers’ preferred channels to deliver more efficient, effective and enriched experiences.

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Serving customers by looking forward as well as back is a big promise, but the power of today’s new digital capabilities is vast and growing.

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