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Accelerate time to value for industrial edge AI

AI and edge computing are rapidly becoming the most important trends in technology. But building edge AI solutions today is complex given the constraints of the edge environment such as compute power, memory and bandwidth, plus the inherent limitations of the current cloud-based gen AI tools.

The Neuro Edge platform simplifies and accelerates the development and deployment of applications and services at the edge. The platform orchestrates end-to-end solutions that enable real-time data processing, enhanced data privacy, reduced bandwidth costs, and increased operational resilience so that enterprises can harness the power of edge technology and drive their business forward.

Key benefits of Neuro Edge

Neuro Edge empowers the entire edge AI value chain, from chips and devices to application and business solution deployments. This streamlined approach accelerates operations and fuels growth.

Streamlined application lifecycle

Simplifies and accelerates the design, development, deployment and operations of edge AI applications.

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Simplified gen AI for edge applications

Provides templates, frameworks and examples that solve many of the harder challenges with implementing gen AI at the edge, so you can focus on business value rather than technical complexities.

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Enhanced behavior monitoring and feedback

Allows monitoring agents to observe behaviors and create a feedback loop for continuous improvement.

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Industry-specific templates

Designed with reference architectures and sample applications to focus on specific industry needs.

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Enhanced API integrations

Offers seamless API integrations with the edge ecosystem, including sensors, silicon vendors, edge devices, enterprise applications and more.

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Explore the edge

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