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Smarter apps for smarter cars

As connected cars become further refined—with sensors, the internet and smartphones creating a personalized driving experience—Cognizant gives OEMs and mobile operators a suite of mobile apps and a digital framework for leveraging telematics data in design, manufacturing and fleet management.

Our capabilities

Continuing advances in mobile communications offer top automakers one of the best ways to identify overlooked niche markets and to differentiate their products from competitors. By embracing new possibilities offered by mobile tech, these companies use the latest digital technologies to create innovative products and services that shift markets in their favor.

Key to success is developing and implementing a flexible product architecture that delivers rapid value and adapts quickly to change. Cognizant designs and builds product architectures based on Agile best practices, iterative development and DevOps. We help you shift to market launches that happen within a few months, and even faster deployment for successive releases.

DevOps is about monitoring all phases of the product development lifecycle, from conceptualization to design, development, deployment, testing and release. At Cognizant, we help automakers leverage the cloud and cloud tools to optimize the DevOps process. Our DevOps processes reduce your time-to-market with traceability and quality assurance at every step of the delivery pipeline. Among the best practices we follow:

  • Prioritize work culture by embracing standardization and improving collaborative workflows
  • Integrate DevOps tools across multiple domains by embracing solutions that work across different departments
  • Fully embrace DevOps automation across all development, testing and provisioning steps, enabling people to focus on more critical tasks
  • Reduce complexity via lean approaches that focus on keeping everything at a minimum, including tools, teams, meetings and sprints

Developing and testing prototypes at a rapid rate is one of the best ways for product engineers to try out new concepts, get user feedback and make improvements until they have everything just right. 

At Cognizant, we ensure complete alignment between your IT systems and products. We establish a digital foundation that drives modern application development with standardized, reusable and operationalized processes. Leveraging digital technologies and the cloud, Our Rapid Prototyping and UX solutions help you to deliver prototypes in as little as two months that align with your style guides and branding.

We utilize the right tools for your product, leaning on open-source solutions and industry leading platforms to deliver maintainable and scalable software. Working together, we deliver prototypes weekly to ensure complete alignment between you and your product, ensuring prototypes can be transitioned into responsive user experiences that align with your style guides and branding.

Meanwhile, our test frameworks and methodologies utilize automation frameworks and solutions to ensure superior product quality.

Cognizant helps OEMs prepare for the digital era with infrastructure services that transform the face of the enterprise. Our Cloud and Infrastructure Services keep your business always ready, boost employee productivity, integrate your departments and functions, and future-proof your organization. We offer excellent performance and operations continuity without investment in expensive system management tools. Areas of focus include:

  • Hybrid Cloud
  • Digital Workplace Services
  • Edge Services
  • Enterprise Service Management

For OEMs seeking to thrive in today’s global automotive market, digitally enabling the workforce is key to facilitating collaboration, delivering more innovative products and creating a more robust supply chain. But it’s easier said than done. Closing the skills gap, retraining the existing workforce, and building a data-driven culture are fundamental to workforce transformation. Getting there begins with a thorough examination of your organization’s competitive position and business initiatives.

Our consulting and training services are here to help. Delivered by our IT and automotive industry experts, we think about operations holistically, using a quantifiable business-centric approach. This provides a context for reimagining core processes and organizational and cultural models needed across the value chain. In so doing, we also help you meet industry specific standards, such as ISO 26262, through remote or on-site support and training.


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