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There’s a revolution underway in how and what to teach, and even how to learn.

The upside? Emerging opportunities for educational providers to grow their businesses with curated learning experiences that harness education technology and IT solutions and ensure learners feel valued.

Forces driving the foundational shifts

Falling enrollment

North American and EU higher-ed enrollment is falling as demographics shift. In some countries, more women than men are completing higher ed. Higher education solutions can help address these challenges by enhancing the learning experience and attracting a diverse student population.

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Cost and ROI barriers

Cost and ROI barriers are key factors in declining enrollments. One poll shows American confidence in higher ed is down. Education technology solutions offer opportunities to optimize costs and demonstrate the return on investment in education, thus mitigating these barriers.

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Reskilling in high demand

High demand for reskilling and reeducation is led by work’s changing nature. The World Economic Forum says 54% of employees will need reskilling by 2030. Higher education technology solutions play a crucial role in providing flexible and accessible learning opportunities to meet this demand for reskilling.

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Evolving technology

Evolving technology is changing the ways instruction, learning and testing are conducted—and it’s lowering historic barriers. Education IT solutions enable institutions to adapt to these technological advancements and enhance the delivery of educational content and assessments.

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Education gatecrashers

Non-education players are launching learning programs and developing new technologies, assessments and certification programs. Education technology and IT solutions can help traditional educational institutions remain competitive in this evolving landscape by fostering innovation and collaboration with these emerging players.

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Mental health focus

Schools and employers are on the front lines of mental health and wellness discussions—and scrambling to provide programs. Education technology solutions can incorporate mental health and wellness resources into educational platforms, fostering a supportive and conducive learning environment.

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Emerging opportunities

Hyperindividualized learning

New hyper-individualized learning tech lets you tailor education and training to users’ needs, abilities and skill levels.

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Soft skills revolution

The revolution in training people and automated systems in soft skills is driving a shift from STEM.

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DIY education

DIY education enabled by new technology solutions allows learners to explore new paths to education—and novel approaches to certifying their efforts.

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The segments we serve

Education providers

Cognizant gives learning institutions domain knowledge and digital expertise to improve student access, experiences and success. And address enrollments and fixed costs.

Education publishers

Cognizant helps top education publishers be digital-first leaders by leveraging our education IT solutions. Leverage our services to boost profitability and de-risk platform, product and program investments.

Testing and assessment providers

Drive new experiences. Cognizant’s education technology solutions. Our leading design thinking and digital engineering services build platforms for assessment authoring, delivering, proctoring and reporting.


We partner with top providers to develop teaching and learning experiences. Our work ranges from blended and personalized learning models to adaptive learning.

Targeted solutions

Education publishing

Stand out in the marketplace with multidevice learning experiences via education technology solutions, including platform development, content migration and accessibility enhancements. Our expertise in education IT solutions ensures that your offerings remain relevant and accessible in today's digital landscape.

Software product engineering

Tackle your toughest challenges, from global websites to complex applications, with our education technology solutions. Our seamless student journeys and innovative, interactive dashboards enhance the user experience, driving engagement and success.

Legacy modernization

Ready your system for the future with support for greenfield Salesforce implementations, consolidation, and legacy-to-Salesforce CRM migration.

Infrastructure services and cloud engineering

Gain real business value with services that range from ServiceNow and ServiceDesk activities for daily operations to legacy transformation—all with minimal operational disruption.

Data analytics and insights

Activate data at scale—and accelerate your education value chain. Convert information into business decisions and intelligent models that automate, predict and improve business outcomes.

Generative AI

Partner with our gen AI experts to leverage LLMs for hyperpersonalized learning experiences and improved operational efficiencies.

Deliver standout digital learning solutions with AWS

Partner with AWS and Cognizant to take your learning platform to the next level.

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