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Real Estate & Property Services

Stay ahead in competitive markets.

Managing a complex portfolio of properties efficiently is within your grasp. Cognizant helps you stay up to date with real-time analyses, automated workflows and AI-based systems that learn and correct themselves.
Our real estate consultants deliver a wide spectrum of services and repeatable solutions across multiple functional areas. These include brokerage, franchising, valuation and advisory, mortgage and facility management.

Targeted solutions

Digital solutions that help providers prepare for growth.

Cognizant Adaptive Spaces

Turn your physical space into a differentiator, not a drag on your resources.

person lying on bed using adaptive digital equipment to control room settings.
Safe Buildings

Mitigate risk and reopen your buildings safely with our digital approach combining instrumentation and data analytics.

woman in formal attire, wearing a mask.

Take the first step

Serving customers by looking forward as well as back is a big promise, but the power of today’s new digital capabilities is vast and growing.

Let’s talk about how digital can work for your business.