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Engineer a sustainable future

How unlocking sustainability propels benefits that exceed expectations

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Make an impact with sustainability

Stakeholder expectations have never been higher for ESG initiatives. They look to leaders to address global challenges. When businesses make sustainability a priority, they can elevate their reputation and improve their competitive advantage.

Combining industry-specific domain expertise with the latest digital technologies, Cognizant helps you to reduce emissions and significantly decrease your organization’s environmental impact across the circular value chain (reuse/reduce/recycle).

Our teams enable you to prepare for climate change and decarbonization, measure emissions and meet and exceed your sustainability goals. Our services include strategy and roadmap development, benchmarking, goal-setting, data and analytics support for KPIs. We rely on science-based targets, digital services, project implementation, change management and education.


We partner to create the right sustainability strategy and execute across your value chain with the most impactful and intelligent digital solutions to drive your business relevancy forward—intuitively and sustainably at scale.

  • Sustainability strategy

    Propel your business value

    Transform your business model from a linear supply chain to a circular value chain by establishing sustainability as a critical business imperative to propel operations and build new products and services. We help you to:

    • Design sustainable business models by evaluating the technology possibilities to move from traditional linear “take, make, dispose of” to the circular and net-zero business model.
    • Identify transformation areas, the parts of the business that require intervention and transformation to achieve the desired business objectives.
    • Craft actionable roadmaps with short-, mid-, and long-term goals, relevant key performance indicators (KPIs), new operating models and suitable technologies and solutions. We prioritize actions based on the importance to stakeholders (company, customer, government, society at large) and their impact on the business.
    • Estimate investment and business impact by deploying technology roadmaps and estimating the resulting business impact and return of investment (ROI).
    • Change management and communications by alignment on objectives with stakeholders, driving communications and conducting training and behavioral modification.
  • Data and analytics services

    Measure and predict impact

    We help build data infrastructure to increase the quality of ESG (environment, social and governance) data collection, analysis and reporting. Real-time and actionable insights will help you to accelerate decision-making and improve performance.

    • ESG data strategy
      • Create a technology roadmap to build impact intelligence
      • Cut cost and increase ESG data quality, accessibility, visibility and governance
      • Align corporate data strategy with new sustainability initiatives across the business ecosystem
    • ESG data analytics platform
      • Enable easy data analysis and visualization
      • Monitor ESG performance in real-time
      • Automate measuring your environmental and social footprint
      • Improve ESG performance to support decision making
    • Automated ESG reporting
      • Simplify ESG reporting through automated data extraction
      • Reduce manual work and overhead with RPA integration
      • Improve the agility of ESG reporting and reduce time to value
      • Reduce the lead time needed to provide ESG data to stakeholders
    • Alignment with regulatory (GRI, SASB, TCFD) frameworks
      • Identify the relevant reporting frameworks, as needed
      • Ensure KPIs and metrics meet organizational needs
      • Assess your organization to confirm stakeholder alignment using materiality impact assessment framework
  • Sustainable products, manufacturing and logistics

    Optimizing in the circular economy

    We embed sustainable practices in operations using data, cloud, IoT and software to maximize resource efficiency, minimize waste, emissions and pollution to increase the well-being of stakeholders.

    Engineering, research and development (ER&D)

    • Green product and services development: To make your business more sustainable, we not only help re-design and re-engineer your products and services but also recommend innovative products that meet your sustainability needs. Understand new regulations through our product R&D and digital thread capabilities.


    • Precision resource management: As you extract and handle resources, improve your yield and its quality with digital solutions in agriculture, mining, aquaculture and construction.
    • Product traceability and ingredient compliance: Digital technologies help you to track and monitor all steps involved in developing a finished product, from the procurement stage of raw materials to production and consumption to disposal.

    Manufacturing and operations

    • Sustainable manufacturing: Consider ways to improve yield, overall equipment effectiveness, uptime, energy and operational efficiency. Make the most of remanufacturing, industrial symbiosis and waste reduction and management. For more on our Smart Manufacturing solutions.
    • Emissions mitigation and capture: Take advantage of technology solutions and process optimizations to reduce or prevent the emission of greenhouse gases. This includes capture carbon—transforming, using or storing it to decarbonize operations.
    • Smart waste management: Design and implement a complete suite of solutions to measure, monitor and manage physical waste and emissions across operations.


    • Smart utilities: Imagine how you can increase reliance on new energy sources and operate more efficiently to minimize cost and environmental impacts while maximizing system reliability, resilience and stability.
    • Supply chain transparency: When supply-related emissions represent the highest source for companies, your ability to track, measure and communicate these emissions is critical to improve scope 3 emission data quality address consumer concerns.
    • Fleet decarbonization: Implement sophisticated real-time monitoring, tracking, reporting, route optimization and behavioral solutions to decarbonize the fleet of vessels, trucks, cars or trains.


    • Green facilities and buildings: Integrate solutions to reduce the carbon footprint across industries to improve the metrics of spaces as well as the well-being of customers and employees.
    • Energy monitoring and management: Baseline your energy consumption and implement IoT and AI solutions to improve energy efficiency and energy management control across industrial sites.
  • Sustainable IT operations

    Reduce carbon footprints

    Increasing the use of digital technologies has resulted in a rise in IT emissions. We help IT departments meet net-zero targets with a targeted approach that includes:

    • Sustainable IT strategy and system design
    • Project management that supports IT sustainability center of excellence
    • Data and analytics to measure the IT carbon footprint
    • Green building and data centers
    • Cloud migration to a green cloud that meets carbon, water, waste and ecosystem goals
    • Application rationalization to reduce carbon footprint
    • Waste management processes to reduce, reuse and recycle
    • Communications and organizational change management
  • Sustainable business ecosystems

    Optimizing ecosystems

    Achieve greater transparency, accountability and agility across the business ecosystem of partners, distributors, customers and suppliers.

    • Industrial symbiosis: Cross-industry resource efficiency concerns the use of digital solutions to create joint opportunities that yield tangible market advantages.
    • Products and ingredients tracking: Data tracing gives you insight into product genealogy to ensure compliance. Stakeholders can share collected data and cross-reference it with connected systems anywhere in the supply chain to improve decision making.
    • Asset network optimization: Identify the optimal way to manage assets and the underlying supply chain to achieve a sustainable outcome, such as reducing the carbon footprint of operations.

Achieving sustainability through digital transformation with Microsoft

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Our partners

We consult with experts in ESG data and reporting and hyperscaler cloud services to provide ecosystem-based sustainability solutions to our clients.


Together, Cognizant and Microsoft have been helping businesses make informed decisions about ESG to lead the transition to low carbon and a more inclusive economy. We leverage Microsoft’s Cloud for Sustainability and other Azure services to help our clients transform into more sustainable operations.

Amazon Web Services

As an AWS partner for 14 years, Cognizant is a Premier Consulting Partner, Managed Service Provider and Authorized Commercial Reseller. By leveraging Cognizant’s global delivery model with AWS’s scalable, reliable, agile cloud technologies, the companies help organizations run applications sustainably on AWS.

Google Cloud

Cognizant is a Google Cloud Premium Partner with multiple Partner Specializations and Expertise Credentials. With Google Cloud, Cognizant offers modern infrastructure for businesses to take full advantage of cloud technology in building sustainable products and services and reimagining their operations with real-time, intelligent insights at scale.

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