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Intelligent connected products

Smart connectivity extends functionalities of consumer, medical and industrial devices, creating new revenue streams while streamlining processes and delivering better experiences.
Cognizant helps build intelligent and connected products for clients, including digital health solutions and next-generation networks like 5G.
Over 25 years working with businesses in virtually every industry, Cognizant transforms consumer, medical and industrial products from physical and “dumb” to connected, smart and as-a-service. We provide you with an unparalleled toolbox to deliver smart, connected products to your customers.


Cognizant’s Products+ provides solutions—not just products—across four key capabilities.

Driving value, staying competative

Deepen your customer relationships, and drive differentiated value in a competitive market with:

  • Product engineering: Design new smart products and enhance the features of existing products 
  • IoT connectivity: Digital integration across multiple product lines 
  • Edge intelligence: Smart connectivity for real-time AI, analytics and decision making
  • Systems of intelligence: Technology that fuses real-world, real-time data to deliver analytics and insights

Transforming the patient journey

Cognizant’s solutions support digital health connectivity by transforming the entire patient journey—improving outcomes across the entire health value chain. 

We help you rapidly scale remote patient monitoring solutions, integrating health systems and services through infrastructure-comprising devices, connectivity, data analytics and software applications. These solutions enable the seamless and secure flow of data from patients to health care systems, enabling smarter clinical and commercial workflows. Our approach includes:

  • An initial assessment to define an Internet of Medical Things blueprint
  • A compliant healthcare cloud platform leveraging pre-built accelerators
  • End user-patient and provider experiences 

Enhancing product lifecycle management

Cognizant’s digital thread solution accelerates R&D and the lifecycle management of products and services. This solution seamlessly integrates disparate systems and disseminates information across the product lifecycle. Our capabilities include:

  • Digitization of product lifecycle management (PLM): Establishing a single source of truth and universal access for product information, and integrating all stages of a product’s lifecycle, including ideation, design, validation, manufacturing, sales, service and retirement. To learn more about our PLM services, click here.
  • Internet of service things: Maximizing product uptime and enhancing the user experience by integrating service parts management, service knowledge, field services, man-machine behavior and analytics
  • Product ecosystem insights: Deriving behavioral insights from product, process, people and environment to improve product experience, features, performance, safety, sustenance, revenues and profits

Designing, developing, deploying

We help create and manage intelligent, virtualized telecom networks with solutions for private network connectivity and monetization. Both network and new-age IoT engineering services include:

  • Virtualization: Solutions that orchestrate virtual network functions and cloud-native network functions
  • IoT, private networks, 5G/4G: 5G/4G private network connectivity, verticalized IoT use cases and new accelerators/solutions help telcos deploy new networks
  • Network integration and OSS: Consolidated network management solutions with unified NMS/OSS and solutions in inventory, fault and performance management
  • Network modernization: Solutions in new network areas such as edge computing, containerization, multi-RAT Interoperability, autonomous networks, open-radio access network (RAN) solutions, fixed telecommunications fiber optic network (FTNx), etc.

Our results tell the story

Cognizant Products+ delivers real-world value to our clients.


9 months

To ship MVP to customers starting with product concept

Increase speed of product development and updates driven by usage data



Reduction in problem resolution time

Decrease problem resolution time by remote diagnostics, predictive maintenance



Increase in CX vs. non-connected product

Personalize feedback and guidance to customers on product usage, upgrades and support



Lower cost of quality

Reduce cost of quality by using insights collected throughout product lifecycle

Take the first step

Serving customers by looking forward as well as back is a big promise, but the power of today’s new digital capabilities is vast and growing.

Let’s talk about how digital can work for your business.