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Modern AI-integrated employee experiences

Today’s workforce wants personalized, automated experiences and continual training opportunities to keep pace with the latest business advancements. Deliver what they expect: reimagined workplaces that are purpose-led and sustainable and that support hybrid work models while promoting diversity, equality and inclusion.
Cognizant helps clients rethink how they empower their workforces. Increase productivity, improve retention and deliver personalized digital employee experiences at scale across the entire hire-to-retire timeline by combining business and process expertise with intelligent digital platforms to optimize HR operations.

Persona-based employee experience

Different personas and stages across the people value chain create a variety of needs in HR organizations. 

Today’s HR managers are looking for tools such as intelligent job description design and smart resume parsing to reduce manual screening tasks. Managers want the ability to implement end-to-end workflows and processes for easy onboarding of different types of candidates into the organization.

Modern candidates

Today’s candidates expect a seamless, engaging onboarding experience. They want to use hassle-free intuitive systems that make it easy to assimilate into the organization and culture.

Before employees leave an organization or retire, they expect to be treated well throughout their career. They want to be provided opportunities aligned to their aspirations, learning avenues that set them up for success and rewards that are proportionate to their efforts.

Strategic managers

Today’s successful managers have a full view into their team’s productivity, to enable good connection and accountability. Digital tools that support decision-making are key to meeting day-to-day needs. Also, a robust framework of policies and processes helps managers focus in on prioritized work.

Collaborative HR

HR business partners can increase their efficiency using digital systems that automate processes and keep administrative tasks to a minimum. This allows time to work and collaborate with business stakeholders to create and execute talent strategy—and with employees to help them pursue and meet their career goals.

Effective leaders

Effective leadership needs talent insights on the go, to support robust decision making that is aligned to the needs of the talent.

Managing recruitment with AI

Cognizant helps businesses deliver persona-based employee experiences through our advisory services and solutions, including our automation fabric, Cognizant Neuro® Business Processes.

Cognizant Neuro Business Processes for Recruitment has AI-powered capabilities for demand planning and forecasting that helps managers plan their staffing needs. The solution also offers self-service capabilities and a robust engagement framework to keep candidates on point during onboarding. Similar frameworks are available for many other HR personas.

Business outcomes and strong ROI


Cost reduction


Reduction in average handling time (AHT)


Reduction in time serving GDPR requests


Manual effort reduction

Modern HR operations with persona-based experiences

Cognizant helps HR organizations build modern operations that delight employees with persona-based experiences that improve productivity and deliver greater value to the business.

Our industry-leading advisory, business process, technology and outsourced HR services help businesses support the entire hire-to-retire journey at scale, globally.

We provide cutting-edge automation technologies, including our industry-leading automation fabric, Cognizant Neuro Business Processes, to achieve maximum productivity and ROI from HR automation.

Let us help you achieve your employee retention goals and create a work environment that is purpose-led, diverse and inclusive. 

Featured services

HR advisory services

Build industry-leading business processes using our advisory services and transformation frameworks.

HR outsourcing services

Cognizant partners with your HR organization to deliver best-in-class modern HR operations across the hire-to-retire employee journey.

HR automation and digitization services

Get industry-leading automation and HR technologies, including Cognizant Neuro Business Processes.

Recruitment as-a-service

Create exceptional new-hire processes and experiences including end-to-end transformation of recruitment to onboarding.

Talent management as-a-service

Take advantage of services to enhance experiences to attract, develop and retain global talent.

Learning as-a-service

Develop talent through persona-based learning journeys using gamification, learning insights, AI powered learning pathways and intuitive learning and development operations.

Total rewards as-a-service

Make total rewards services backed by data and aligned to expectations of multi-generational talent part of your HR program. 

Workforce management as-a-service

Energize business delivery using the power of data, design and technology to provide end-to-end workforce management.

Compliance as-a-service

Support adherence to Hire to Retire statutory regional regulations across H2R process & aligned to manage acceptable usage policy as defined by the employer.


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