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In a fiercely competitive business environment with ever-growing demand, manufacturers and distributors are striving for “the perfect order”: on-time delivery, a complete, damage-free shipment and correct documentation. Delivering the perfect order requires eliminating order errors and correctly estimating the time to delivery. Balancing returns with the investments necessary to achieve those perfect order capabilities is a complicated calculation—until now, with Cognizant Digital Order Management.
Cognizant Digital Order Management leverages the latest innovations in smart analytics, intelligent process automation and machine learning to provide a complete solution for the ordering and fulfillment process. Cognizant offers an intelligent multichannel functionality that reviews and integrates orders from multiple disparate systems and provides a single view of order status with respect to its geographic location, source of inventory, delivery timeline and verification.

With Cognizant Digital Order Management, your organization can reduce costs, improve on-time and in-full delivery of orders with reduced cycle times and deliver perfect order experiences to your customers.


increase in sales for an international food and beverage company.
Platform-enabled processes
Platform-enabled processes

Allowing for faster processing and integrated views across systems, resulting in increased revenue.

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Real-time and predictive analytics
Real-time and predictive analytics

Enabling supply chain organizations to spend more time on business partnering.

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Automate manual processes
Automate manual processes

Increasing productivity and order accuracy, resulting in cost savings and improved customer experience.

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Actionable transformation roadmap
Actionable transformation roadmap

Providing supply chain leaders with an actionable roadmap for transformation and global process redesign for optimal service delivery.

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