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Business growth requires better decision making. Trusted intelligence enables you to outpace dynamic markets and anticipate change—as if on intuition.

Cognizant Neuro® AI: accelerating responsible AI

Infusing the power of generative AI with human intuition and expertise, our scalable and flexible end-to-end platform catalyzes AI adoption to increase cost efficiencies and drive revenue.

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Case studies

We partner with our clients to drive solutions for their most pressing problems, no matter where you are on your data and AI journey, we'll meet you there.


Engineer AMF1 to act on intuition


Engineer AMF1 to act on intuition

to deploy intelligence and drive intelligent decision making.

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Papa John's delivers with Papa Call


Papa John's delivers with Papa Call

to increase revenue and deliver an exceptional customer experience.

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Solutions for the modern enterprise

Wherever you are on your journey—from aggregating the vast points of data to building sophisticated AI models—Cognizant will meet you there. With our offerings you will harness the power of data and AI to drive faster, predictive and proactive decisioning, all while educating the organization on the path forward.

Build a modernized data architecture to meet the demands for digital transformation, innovation and scalability. Prepare, optimize and manage data assets securely, efficiently and cost effectively.

Drive fast, accurate, and fact-based decisions from contextual and hyper-personalized data to get real business results. Cognizant elevates Business Intelligence beyond KPIs and dashboards to a world of outcome-oriented decisions by connecting data with AI-augmented BI.

Make AI the foundation for your business, automating everyday tasks and enabling rapid, prescriptive decision-making.

Cognizant operationalizes AI to reliably deliver efficiency, innovation and agility.

Wherever you are in your data maturity, we’ll align data strategy with your business outcomes to transform your organization.

Cognizant’s approach to data strategy enables co-existence between data innovation and renovation while reducing risk, insulating client impact and accelerating business value. 

Our Partners and Alliances

We form partnerships and strategic alliances with world-class organizations to expand our service offerings and deliver comprehensive solutions to clients. Over 85 strategic alliances, with world-leading companies, enable us to provide complete solutions to your business and IT challenges.


Recently published insights

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Companies turning to AI technologies—such as machine learning and evolutionary AI—to quickly find creative, unprecedented ways to address complex problems.

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Naveen Sharma

VP and Global Practice Head, Data and AI

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