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Monetize assets, energize insights

Monetize assets, energize insights

$40 billion
in daily market updates delivered from a leading financial and risk services provider to its trading venues worldwide.

The only dedicated practice of its kind

Our practice is committed to serving the needs of rating agencies and financial information and technology providers. We help monetize assets and strengthen workflow. Our teams empower clients by developing tools such as 360-degree company research, including social data.

Extract data quickly and accurately for high-speed, high-volume analysis

A real estate information services company streamlined its data cleansing for 50 million documents annually. Accuracy is 99.5%, and the company is saving 30% in total cost of ownership. 

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Targeted solutions

Smart packaged solutions to transform for the digital age.

CCPA Services

Prepare for the systems and processes you need to comply with the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA).

Additional capabilities

  • Data Ecosystem

    Unlock data asset business value

    Traditional businesses already have the insights they need for success—hidden among massive amounts of data. 

    Cognizant Adaptive Data Foundation provides a clear, structured way to source, interpret and consume data.

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  • Core Modernization

    Reimagine core applications and infrastructure

    Meeting customers’ ever-expanding expectations takes speed and scale. Partner with our teams to transform your legacy applications and infrastructure into a modern core that’s ready to help your organization grow.
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  • Data Warehouse Transformation

    Work faster and more efficiently

    Current data warehouses struggle to keep up with today’s information velocity and volume. They fall short of delivering the meaningful, timely business insights that current markets’ demand.

    Cognizant’s BigFrame automates the migration of your data warehouses to next-gen platforms. Business communities can work faster and more efficiently with real-time queries, advanced analytics and machine-learning insights.

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  • Monetize Legacy and Data Assets

    Meet customer expectations for experience

    Serve the content and data your customers are looking for, at the right time and in the right channel. 

    Cognizant Digital Strategy helps monetize legacy and data assets. Our offerings include: 

    • Cognizant Adaptive Data Foundation. Develop your data assets into new business models.
    • Cognizant BigFrame. Transform your data warehouse with 90% automated data ingestion, so you can add service streams, maximize performance and reduce time-to-market. 
    • Cognizant Contentize. Deliver personalized experiences and drive growth.
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  • Streamline Distribution and Delivery

    Deliver personalized investment experiences

    Adopting a client-centric view is an opportunity to rethink distribution strategies.  

    Our teams can help you reduce distribution costs and develop delivery models that enable innovative, personalized investment experiences. 

    Through digital distribution and omnichannel delivery of products and services, your customers gain a consistent experience based on assessment of customer persona and customer journey analytics. The result is a convenient, easy exchange of information.

  • Data Strategy Roadmap and Rollout

    Enable your organization’s critical resources

    Cognizant Data Strategy Roadmap and Rollout offerings include:

    • Data visualization strategy for efficient decision making for investment process, appraisals and customer 360
    • Data driven decisions through advanced analytics using data science to shortlist investment ideas than heuristics
    • Data discovery using AI/ML to scrub thousands of pages of financial filing and reports, factor analysis etc.

Featured work


Data-rich company cracks the digital B2B market

  • Expand

    The challenge

    A leading business information services company with little presence in the fast-growing business-to-business (B2B) digital marketing space wanted to tap into its powerful data assets to quickly enter this new market. The data-rich company asked Cognizant to help it leverage its core data assets.

    Our approach

    We began by analyzing the marketplace, quickly recognizing that it was dominated by companies using “probabilistic” data. Cognizant then helped the company evaluate the opportunity and identify its competitive benefit in both data quantity and quality. We discovered that the company had a treasure trove of first-party “deterministic” data, which is more reliable and useful than the probabilistic data most martech companies offer.

    Our initial work led to a proof of concept that demon­strated there could be a low-cost way to enter the digital market. Cognizant recommended an agile, cloud-based data management platform that can assimilate large volumes of first- and third-party data from a wide range of sources, as well as combine offline and online digital data.

    Cognizant designed and built a data management platform that mashes up and collates large volumes of this data. The platform enables data segmenting for account-based targeting and marketing. It also integrates seamlessly with big marketplaces, such as Google and Facebook. Together with the client, we are also exploring possibilities to expand its lead list and extract more value using machine learning-based modeling.

    Adopting digital strategies to develop a B2B marketing business

    Cognizant helped the company establish a new line of business, positioning it at the leading edge of martech and adtech, and providing sophisticated B2B user segmentation.

    The company is seeing rapid acceptance in the B2B digital marketing space, and it expects to grow this business by 100 percent in 2018. It also expects to generate $35 million of future revenue.


    reduction in time to market due to curation of 40 TB of data


    target segments created, which can be delivered to all major data marketplaces


    partnership opportunities with digital-native companies


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