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Digital supply chain transformation

Supply chain management has become a daunting task. Businesses must cater to a global customer base by offering seamless and flexible experiences while navigating volatile conditions in international markets. 
To be competitive, organizations must rewire their supply chain to anticipate challenges and react promptly to ever-changing environments.
Cognizant’s Supply Chain Management practice works with you to create high-performance supply chain solutions enabled by next-generation digital technologies. We help you modernize your supply chain while reducing operational costs and minimizing risks—giving you speed and flexibility without impacting ongoing operations.


SCM to the max

With these SCM offerings, you can modernize your supply chain, lower operational costs and respond to new opportunities—all without adding risk to your operations.

Aim. Strategize. Manage.

The next generation of business planning will be integrated and predictive—no longer isolated and reactive. To unlock additional value from your supply chain, our team of planning consultants will help you create and refine strategies to improve your operations. Our expertise includes demand forecasting, production, inventory and distribution planning, as well as S&OP from 60+ engagements.


  • Improve forecasting accuracy
  • Reduce inventory cost-savings across sites and countries
  • Improve customer service
  • Increase collaboration and visibility among business units/processes

Analyze. Negotiate. Improve.

With sourcing becoming increasingly cognitive, the digitalization of procurement has become a reality sooner than expected. Our intelligent sourcing and procurement solutions involve sourcing at predictable costs, managing contracts, transforming experiences and providing options for touchless invoicing. Our S2P delivery specialists will work with you to deliver long-term value.


  • Optimize total realized cost savings by defining savings levers through intelligent supply analytics
  • Increase total spending by managing category strategy
  • Optimize sourcing and e-RFx cycle time through sourcing execution and scoring automation
  • Improve contract cycle time through terms and contract compliance
  • Improve CX and visibility with electronic purchase orders

Plan. Execute. Deliver.

Warehousing, transportation, manufacturing and delivery are complex processes that can dramatically affect customer service, brand image and bottom lines. Our delivery experts can help you enable omnichannel fulfillment capabilities emphasizing speed and customer experience with multiple dispense mechanisms. 


  • Improve capacity utilization and inventory accuracy via automation and visibility
  • Improve replenishment processes and fulfillment accuracy
  • Improve tariff governance and planning performance for daily shipments
  • Achieve overall reduction of manual efforts

Dream. Design. Innovate.

Cognizant’s smart manufacturing solutions drive continuous operational improvement, increased productivity and reduced costs. Our digital engineers will ensure self-monitoring and predictive maintenance enabled by machine learning as well as real-time awareness of the state of production equipment and raw materials to meet customer demands—giving you the ability to innovate and develop new products and services.


  • Increase in throughput and overall equipment effectiveness
  • Decrease in inventory costs and cycle times
  • Increase in labor efficiency
  • Increase consistency, compliance, and quality
  • Establish paperless systems and waste reduction

Our services

Our business process consultants and strategy experts identify capabilities, measure business value, lay out roadmaps and prioritize key initiatives to drive digital transformation. With our deep experience in supply consulting, we provide our clients:

  • Digital strategy and process transformation
  • Roadmap for future supply chain 
  • Maturity assessment and solution selection
  • Transformation business case

Drive technology initiatives to deliver high-impact client outcomes and improved business metrics leveraging broad footprint and niche supply chain platforms.

  • Cloud migration of processes, data and business rules
  • Configuration, customization and global platform rollout
  • Technical & Business go-live support
  • Continuous improvement of business metrics

Managed services of supply chain platforms at the highest industry service standards with a focus on continuous improvement and cost optimization.

  • 24x7 Global coverage
  • SLA driven governance
  • Shared services model
  • Optimized offshore / nearshore delivery

Cognizant partners with clients to innovate and provide differentiated capabilities to stand out. We make it easy for you to understand and adopt cutting-edge technologies to increase supply chain agility and resiliency.

  • Control tower
  • IoT/Smart devices
  • Blockchain
  • AI/ML

We serve clients across the spectrum of industries

Our capabilities

Our partners

We form partnerships and strategic alliances with world-class organizations to expand our service offerings and deliver comprehensive solutions to clients. Strategic alliances with the world’s leading companies enable us to provide complete solutions to your business and IT challenges.

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