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Business Process Services

Modern operations for the intuitive enterprise

The playbook for growth is being rewritten. We believe the future belongs to the intuitive enterprise—a business that runs on modern operations and can anticipate and act instantly to boldly seize opportunities amid rapid change.
Innovative partnerships are essential for payers, providers and pharmacy benefits managers to succeed in competitive field of healthcare. We help clients gain an intuitive edge by combining business and process expertise in the medical field with intelligent, digital platforms to optimize operations.

Business outcomes and strong ROI

MetroHealth and Cognizant partnership in healthcare

MetroHealth’s investments in Cognizant Revenue Cycle Management are driving positive results increasing productivity by 8% in the last year and average daily collections by 25%. The services are built around a proprietary Unified Single Platform (USP), a performance improvement engine and a cloud-based technology platform that continuously deploys automation and innovation to improve quality and financial outcomes. The solution also includes an ARM tool to prevent claim denials on the front end by identifying the root causes of initial claim rejections, avoidable and non-avoidable. The tool can categorize the denials down to the department level, so we can identify trends and use that information to educate and train our staff. Since implementation, denials have decreased by 30%, which translates into $13M in additional revenue.

MetroHealth and Cognizant have a long-standing strong partnership and we continue to work together to reduce denials/accounts receivable and increase cash collections.

Improved experiences, future-ready processes, innovation

Cognizant leverages deep knowledge and expertise to provide business process transformation and services management across the healthcare ecosystem. We harness automation, AI and advanced analytics to give you an intuitive edge. We help Healthcare companies become modern enterprises powered by innovation and a global workforce of healthcare experts and advisors—leading to unmatched productivity, cost efficiencies and revenue growth.

Rising above uncertainty

The ability to strategically reduce costs and invest in new revenue streams is extremely valuable in volatile times.

The implementation of modern operations enables businesses to act with insight and speed—predicting trends, identifying new growth areas and balancing efficiency with innovation.

By modernizing business operations, your organization can anticipate the steps needed to accelerate growth and scale.

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Healthcare BPS and automation services

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Critical components of an intelligent automation strategy

Digitizing a process doesn’t need to be complicated. We help organizations maximize their efficiency as they undertake process changes to streamline their operations.

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Combating infectious disease in the future

How advanced technologies and behavioral changes can help us mitigate the impact of a global health crisis.

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