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Evolving challenges, emerging tech

Understand the transformative impact of emerging technologies on today’s most significant global challenges.

Deep dives

See what’s shaping the future of business—and how you can stay ahead in a fast-changing world.

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Industry reads

Every industry has its own challenges and opportunities. Discover how players in your industry thrive through smart technology choices and deployment.


Automating payment disputes: 3 key considerations

Before digitizing the dispute process, banks must understand automation’s impact on CX and operations, consider smooth tech integrations and align on risk, compliance and controls.

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How CSPs can optimize costs to prepare for future growth

Learn how communication service providers can maximize their strategic cost reduction efforts by optimizing operating expenses with the proactive use of automation—rather than just cutting costs reactively.

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Time to make apps: The 2023 voice of the member survey

Convenience and convergence are driving health plan member digital wish lists. See how offerings that go beyond digital window dressing will compete more effectively for member retention and lifetime value.

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Life sciences

The metaverse in life sciences: Seize the opportunity

The metaverse is more than digital events and development courses. It’s a vehicle for rapid revolution at scale. Explore its use cases across the three main phases of the development lifecycle.

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Manufacturers must innovate despite uncertainty

By embracing new models, leveraging digital technologies and focusing on efficiency and sustainability, manufacturers can navigate industry challenges and position themselves for long-term success.

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Say goodbye to the checkout line

Once seen as a futuristic concept, checkout-free retail is reaching its breakout moment. Explore six strategies retailers can use to implement the growing tech while enhancing brand and customer experiences.

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Technology in action

Get actionable insights that help you strategically apply and implement technology to address your pressing needs and seize opportunities.

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