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Water and waste water utilities see great opportunity in digitizing their business operations.

Despite steep challenges posed by aging infrastructures, innovative solutions are addressing difficult problems such as unbilled consumption, intelligent metering and leak detection. Other solutions can help optimize asset maintenance and field mobility, and monitor water quality.
Cognizant’s global water utilities practice has the deep industry and digital experience that water and waste water processing utilities need to drive new business value—from perfecting the customer experience to providing clean and safe water in a sustainable way.

Targeted solutions

Smart packaged solutions that help water utilities transform for the digital age.

UtilityOne Engage

An innovative, lightweight mobility app featuring account management, bill details, alerts and notifications, and more.

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UtilityOne Insights

An integrated customer management solution that delivers a holistic, omnichannel experience to our utility customers.

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Drawing on data from 4,000 business leaders globally, including 285 representing utilities, our researchers learned that utility executives will invest in digital to unlock future growth. Find out how new capabilities can help utility companies double their revenue by 2023.

Additional capabilities

Create better experiences. Generate new growth.

Driven by changing regulation and increasing client expectations, water utilities are going through a major paradigm shift. Customer experience management across different contact channels is emerging as a differentiator for established companies looking to generate new growth.

Cognizant offers robust Customer Experience Management services backed by extensive experience delivering products and services across channels. We deliver award-winning customer experience services by leveraging our unique proprietary solutions such as UtilityOne Engage and UtilityOne Insights. Our consultants also understand the underlying business process to deliver integrated, omnichannel strategies, and analytical solutions such as Single Call Resolution (SCR).

The smarter way to manage aging assets

To help increase equipment reliability and improve operational efficiencies within aging infrastructures, water utilities increasingly are turning to Smart Asset Management. Cognizant delivers innovative solutions to its utility clients that leverage our deep experience in conventional enterprise asset management, GIS, mobility and advanced analytics. We help water utilities improve asset safety, reduce maintenance cost and prevent water leakage and theft.

Reduce costs and improve sustainability

Forward-thinking water utilities are adopting digital technologies such as smart meter systems, mobile apps, predictive analytics and cloud-based solutions to achieve better water resource management resulting in reduced cost and improved sustainability.

Cognizant offers smart technology solutions such as our Smart Meter Infrastructure implementation and rollout services, Smart Meter Asset and Operations Manager, and analytics for network and customer operations.

These technologies enable water utilities to detect and prevent leakages; better understand consumption trends based on real-time data; and segment customers based on such variables as water conservation and billing rate structures.

Improve accuracy. Increase flexibility.

Increased competition and evolving markets are forcing water utilities to both improve customer service and lower prices. The result—Squeezed margins. In many scenarios, the key to success is to offer superior customer services that improve efficiencies and reduce the meter-to-cash cycle.

To help achieve greater flexibility, reduce days sales outstanding (DSOs), ensure timely financial reporting and reconciliations for improved regulatory compliance, Cognizant offers several services. These include customer account management, billing and invoicing, service order management and customer care. We also help utilities connect with their customers and share information through smart meters and on-premises displays.

A unified view of asset information

Geographical Information Systems (GIS) acts as an integrating technology that can help water utilities achieve a single view of their asset information and perform efficient operation and maintenance leading to greater customer satisfaction.

Cognizant offers a wide range of solutions and services in the GIS space across desktop, web and mobile platforms. We specialize in various aspects of GIS lifecycle spanning:

  • GIS data services
  • GIS application development and maintenance services
  • Geospatial analytics
  • GIS consultancy services
  • Spatial product development services

Water utilities can leverage our solutions and frameworks such as the WebGIS framework to accelerate digital transformation and to obtain a sine data view, a GIS data migration framework and an online/offline mobile GIS solution.


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