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Multi-cloud management across the entire cloud lifecycle

Cognizant® Skygrade™ simplifies modernization, migration, and management of your cloud platforms and applications. Our platform accelerates time to value, improves cloud efficiency, and reduces complexity across multi-cloud and edge estates. 

Seamlessly deliver business value across cloud estates

Enterprises have undergone often disjointed modernization and cloud adoption efforts, leading to fragmented IT infrastructure and application ecosystems. Having a unified view across cloud estates fused with AIOps is key to ensuring your business is poised for the future to gain a competitive edge.

Migration Acceleration

Accelerated solutions for cloud-native modernization de-risk the transition and enable solutions that are more fully featured and strategic.

Access to cloud features

Benefit from cloud provider investments in new services and features by building applications in a cloud-native way that interoperates effectively with the cloud ecosystem.

Reduced Risk

Mitigate risk through advanced automation and Cognizant's AIOps. Take advantage of the scaling, resilience and observability features of containerized applications.

Holistic cloud management

Continuous multi-cloud management and governance assures security, performance, resilience and cost optimization from the start.


Partner with us

Proven expertise

A curated library of solution accelerators, tools and expertise to quickly and efficiently deliver business value while driving simplification and sustainability.

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Open and interoperable

Modular design that can connect to all major applications, infrastructure and tooling environments ensuring maximized value for your investments.

Continuously evolving

Our services include engineering to progressively automate based on operational data feedback.


Be cloud-native today

If your organization is new to the cloud, or done some form of migration, our experts can work with you to ensure your cloud experience is optimized and ready for the future.

See the platform in action

Ready to get hands-on with the Cognizant Skygrade platform? Inquire below for more information.