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Omnichannel Solutions

Capture what customers want across each of your live channels.

Many retailers have placed omnichannel transformation high on their agendas for when normalcy returns, and for good reason. Consumers engage more with omnichannel retailers, spend more money with them and exhibit more loyalty when returning to online and physical stores. But which capabilities are most important to you?
Cognizant’s experts help retailers find the right path to omnichannel adoption for their brand, taking into account the epidemic’s impact on every business and our experience in accelerating omnichannel transformation. Each retailer’s path is unique and requires finding the right mix of mobile, digital marketing and CRM channel capabilities.
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Integrate multiple channels
Integrate multiple channels

Gather information across customer touchpoints and gain a more holistic picture of customer preferences. Strengthen customer retention and extension both online and in-store.

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Optimize digital marketing
Optimize digital marketing

Better understand your customers and ensure consistent messaging across all channels. Leverage analytics to optimize your digital marketing, loyalty and CRM investments to yield the highest returns.

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Ensure mobile success
Ensure mobile success

Make the most of your mobile investments by delivering measurable benefits. Select the right platforms and design mobile websites and apps with an eye toward meeting business goals.

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Supporting service capabilities

Create winning experiences

A digital/omnichannel strategy is a must for retailers. We create customer-focused transformation strategies that fit our clients’ organizations, with roadmaps that deliver benefits all along the way and allow ample opportunities to learn from customer experiences.

A strong digital foundation

Retailers increasingly rely on digital channels to hit growth targets, but outdated platforms are a liability when it comes to supporting multiple destinations such as microsites and international commerce. We partner with retailers to evaluate their technology options and implement the right tools, business processes and organizational changes to enable their digital commerce vision.

Achieve greater growth

Many retailers have developed into mature e-tailers focused on refining their offerings. Cognizant’s product management experts can help retailers achieve greater growth by identifying opportunities to optimize customer experiences and e‑commerce operations.

Expand your brand’s reach

International e-commerce enables retailers to drive incremental sales and test new markets with relatively little capital investment. Our team partners with retailers to build global commerce capabilities that are localized to the needs of the markets served.

The key to transformation

The sooner retailers get new capabilities to market, the sooner they can measure impact and make refinements. Our agile delivery methodology brings together business, creative and delivery teams to create top retail experiences.

Optimize marketing for uncertain times

It’s a new and unpredictable marketplace. The challenge—and opportunity—is to deliver relevant experiences at speed and scale with drastically lower budgets.

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Take the first step

Serving customers by looking forward as well as back is a big promise, but the power of today’s new digital capabilities is vast and growing.

Let’s talk about how digital can work for your business.