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See P&C through a digital lens

See P&C through a digital lens

80% faster customer quotes
By launching a mobile insurance platform, a leading carrier transformed its CX and accelerated sales in a competitive market.

Leading P&C carriers rely on continuous digital innovation to create value.

With massive upheaval in the insurance industry, innovative P&C solutions that use artificial intelligence (AI), sensor technology and the cloud can simplify distribution, improve CX and streamline operations.
Cognizant is one of North America’s top 3 technology services providers to P&C insurers. Partner with us to execute digital from strategy development through planning and execution.

AI machine learning drives underwriting efficiency by 10X

Using our AI solution to combine flood hazard maps, GIS data and the frequency and cost of historical claims, insurers can model a potential market with 83% accuracy.

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Customer care done right—with real-time AI

Find out how this top P&C carrier applied AI in real time to respond to customer sentiments and improve care by 40%.

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Targeted solutions

Open Claims Audit

Spot errors in handling before the claim is closed and the money is out the door.

Digital Maturity Diagnostic 

Get an assessment of your organization’s current expertise, and determine how and when to reach your desired maturity level.

Digital Property & Casualty Operations

Reduce operating costs, redesign customer experiences and drive growth through digital innovation—all at the same time.

Insurance Intake Automation

Accelerate the information intake process by giving faster access to details needed to facilitate decisions.

Insurance capabilities

Cognizant offers myriad services to help you digitize claims processing, reimagine and streamline the underwriting process and envision new, digitally focused business models.

  • Claims digitization & transformation

    Streamline claims for a digital future

    Who needs it

    Organizations facing challenges with:

    • Digitizing claims operations to accommodate future growth 
    • Suboptimal use of claims data to influence claims outcomes
    • Paper-based intake of claim forms and documents
    • Manual processes, including segmentation and adjustor assignment
    • Complex, partially automated workflows
    • Inadequate fraud detection

    How we help

    • Business consulting—defining the future of claims operations through scenario modeling, reimagining digital processes and identifying big bets (technology, skills and partnerships) to future-proof the claims organization’s operating model 
    • Data and analytics consulting—defining a roadmap to generate value from claims data and recommending high-impact areas to leverage advanced analytics, AI and machine learning 
    • Process consulting—claims process reengineering, RPA assessments, process consulting for workflow-based implementation and claims system envisioning 
    • Technology consulting—automated claims processing, insurance platform evaluation and application rationalization of claims portfolios

    What you gain

    • Influence claims outcomes and reduce claim costs 
    • Reduce cycle time through streamlined and intelligent processes
    • Reduce work/case load balance across claims teams in different LOBs
    • Increase claims auto-adjudication of simple cases
    • Configure rules-based intake and processing 
    • Improve the customer claims experience and net promoter score (NPS)
  • Product & underwriting excellence

    Reimagine financial risk management

    Who needs it

    Organizations facing challenges with:

    • Manual handling of complex submission forms and data 
    • Improving straight-through processing of standard risks 
    • Task management and submission routing to underwriters
    • Improving quote acceptance rates 
    • Handling new sources of data and emerging risk information in risk analysis

    How we help

    • Business consulting—defining the future of underwriting software through scenario modeling and identifying key shifts in underwriter roles, skill sets, decision-making tools and capabilities needed to achieve insurance digital transformation 
    • Process consulting—processing reengineering, RPA & IPA assessments targeting specific parts of the underwriting value chain and workflow-based process redefinition
    • Data and analytics—identifying decision-making using areas where advanced analytics, AI and machine learning can make a difference across the underwriting software value chain 
    • Technology consulting—insurance platform modernization and evaluation, and application rationalization of the underwriting portfolio

    What you gain

    • Free up underwriters’ time to focus on whole account solutions and portfolio management  
    • Increase straight-through processing in handling standard risks
    • Speed response to demanding agent/broker submission requests 
    • Improve underwriter effectiveness through better risk selection 
    • Improve the customer, agent and broker experience
  • Insurance innovation services

    Envision new business models with digital tech

    Who needs it

    Carriers looking to:

    • Accelerate business outcomes through rapid innovation  
    • Bridge the time gap between having a great idea and implementing it
    • Navigate the future using emerging technologies

    How we help

    As the innovation arm of Cognizant’s Insurance practice, we help insurance companies innovate rapidly via a three-pronged approach:

    1. Envision: Identify new business opportunities based on possible future scenarios, emerging technologies and disruptive business models. Ideation and opportunity identification typically take two to four weeks, leveraging tools such as:
      • Future State Scenarios—encourages business leaders like you to poll a list of intentionally extreme future scenarios and arrive at a list of shared business priorities.  
      • Insurance Navigator—helps identify innovation opportunities at the intersection of exponential technology and business model disruptions. Shows how the global insurance industry is changing and helps identify innovation opportunities.
    2. Experiment: Access our repository of storyboards and templates to accelerate concepts. Follow a structured prototyping process using agile product development and work with our full-stack engineers and technology specialists to build solutions. This phase of building prototypes takes six to eight weeks.

    3. Expand: Leverage a ready-to-use IT environment powered by scalable assets and partnerships and integration with the application environment. Measure customer adoption rate and ROI from pilot to production.

Business transformation capabilities

From digitizing the customer experience to improving channel efficiencies to optimizing Guidewire and Duck Creek implementations, Cognizant offers multiple ways to help you transform your front and back offices.

  • P&C transformation enabled by Guidewire

    Enhance agility and improve operating ratios

    As a Global Premier Partner for the Guidewire PartnerConnect™ program, Cognizant has solutioned and delivered some of the most complex implementation and digital transformation programs for P&C carriers. Our SAFe-based delivery methodology—enabled through Cognizant Guilds, Communities and Pods—helps insurers realize faster returns from their Guidewire investment. 
    Learn more
  • P&C transformation enabled by Duck Creek

    Drive digital growth

    As a Platinum Delivery Partner of Duck Creek Technologies’ Global Alliance Program, Cognizant provides Duck Creek customers with trained and certified professionals, ensuring comprehensive product knowledge and consistent delivery for Duck Creek on-demand (SaaS) and on-premises implementations of the Duck Creek suite of P&C insurance software. With Duck Creek and Cognizant working together, insurers of all sizes can take advantage of a broad array of digital implementation services that enhance the capabilities of Duck Creek’s software suite. 
    Learn more
  • Digital customer experience

    Bring your CX up to speed

    Who needs it

    Organizations facing challenges with:

    • Suboptimal ROI from digital sales assets (mobile, web and aggregator insurance platform) 
    • Poor self-service volumes and high servicing costs
    • Limited, incomplete online capabilities
    • Inability to leverage digital distribution presence as a competitive differentiator 
    • Inability to attract millennial customers

    How we help

    • Focus on key aspects such as digital strategy and innovation, digital marketing, digital operating model, digital technology enablement and integration, digital content, interactive and industry-centric digital solutions 
    • Provide a detailed evaluation on functional and architectural components of digital assets
    • Deliver a future state road map for all stakeholders

    What you gain

    • Align an enterprise digital sales and servicing strategy with your business objectives 
    • Drive growth and improve effectiveness for customers, channel partners and employees 
    • Achieve up to 2X agent productivity with enhanced web capabilities
    • Save up to $50,000 for every 10,000 customer service queries
    • Improve productivity and accommodate changes in business
  • Direct-to-consumer strategy

    Follow the customer

    Who needs it

    Organizations facing challenges with:

    • Low net promoter score (NPS) or customer satisfaction scores
    • Lapses in new business and renewals
    • Cumbersome, disjointed processes with errors and omissions
    • High customer turnover
    • Damaged brand value

    How we help

    • Design a customer engagement model that’s analytical, uses social science, and enhances customer and partner experiences
    • Identify and create target user personas 
    • Remove bottlenecks in the customer journey and define future state journey maps
    • Define the minimum viable product (MVP—target segments, target capabilities) and value hypotheses
    • Validate the capabilities necessary to develop the MVP
    • Leverage and optimize digital channels

    What you gain

    • Better insights into online customer behavior
    • Up to 60% cost savings in digital transformation
    • Up to 25% increase in customer engagement
  • Distribution transformation

    Improve channel efficiencies

    Who needs it

    Organizations facing challenges with:

    • Poorly trained/skilled channel participants
    • Mismatched channels and target customer segments
    • Lack of sales tools and information to rapidly close sales

    How we help

    • Deliver a four-part solution: Distribution planning strategy, agency recruitment strategy, onboarding and life cycle management, and performance management
    • Provide channel participants with the necessary capabilities, motivation and tools
    • Use a KPI-driven framework that promotes informed decisions in key areas such as channel mix/growth, segment mapping, sales process standardization, and technology and tools enablement

    What you gain

    • Up to 25% cost savings in distribution-related operations
    • Up to 10% gains in advisor efficiency, increasing client-facing revenue-generating activities
    • Savings from reductions in call volume and branch support costs

How digital spurred efficiency for Selective Insurance

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