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Quality Engineering & Assurance

Insight-driven, end-to-end quality assurance

Reimagine how you manage quality in your organization with Cognizant Quality Engineering & Assurance (QE&A). Simplify, modernize and secure your organization’s legacy environments with our robust, end-to-end QA capabilities. Our goal is your goal—to build a business that’s alive with intuition-fueled quality systems that work faster, adapt instantly and improve customer experiences with an integrated ecosystem approach driven by intelligent, automated QA.

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Cognizant QE&A helps you succeed in the connected world with quality and speed. As a global thought leader in QA, with more than 1,000 clients across industry verticals and global partnerships, we bring first-time-right quality and next generation QE solutions to enterprises. Let us help you modernize your foundation, build new business models and reimagine customer experiences for success in digital and phygital.

Protecting the core of businesses

Business process assurance

When pivoting to digital, brands need protection at the core with process efficiency that keeps pace with the speed of business. Our business process assurance solutions bring an industry-aligned, efficiency-driven approach that ensures end-to-end quality and compliance of core IT for brand protection. With this offering we assure business processes, system resilience, regulatory compliance and operational readiness.

Ensuring safe and hassle-free migration

System modernization assurance

This offering assures intended modernization outcomes during migration, modernization and transformation programs. For companies interested in app modernization, we follow a structured QA approach to avoid system breakdowns and high migration costs.

As part of our system modernization offering, we deliver an Integrated Automation Platform, BOTs-driven predictive QA and comprehensive testing frameworks for API, microservices and application technology platforms.

Cloud platform assurance

We offer first-time-right assurance of cloud migrations, cloud-native applications and cloud-based platform rollouts with the help of Cognizant Unified Cloud Assurance Studio and our rich partner ecosystem. We leverage COTS product deployment in a cloud infrastructure, including ESA, CMS and CRM, based on product team configuration recommendations.

24X7 automation and AI-driven testing

Continuous automation and testing

Speed delivery to keep pace with business. This offering helps to accelerate release cycles in Agile and DevOps by orchestrating automated tests, environments and data, to expose risks early and protect integrity and brand. Testing is fully automated zero-touch and AI-driven to release features as fast as they are developed. We leverage AI-based intelligent testing automation bots and Cognizant’s continuous testing platform.

Robotic test automation

Because connected devices have frequent updates, business must automate testing of end-user actions on these devices. Robotic test automation offers collaborative robots to provide automated anytime/anywhere testing. The robot (also called COBOT, or “collaborative bot”) performs fully automated physical and digital end-to-end testing using our QA automation framework. For this offering, we leverage our partnership with ABB, Automata and Rethink Robotics.

SMART verification and validation

Verification and validation (V&V) is a time- and effort-heavy process that slows time-to-market. Our SMART V&V offering helps to speed regulatory compliance with better software quality and safety in life sciences and other regulated industries. SMART V&V offers an AI-driven platform to deliver real-time regulatory compliance for all IT systems and products within regulations. The platform enables continuous software delivery with continuous compliance by leveraging automation and AI technologies.

Improve ROI on CX investments

Customer experience assurance (CXA)

In the current digital era, customers want better, faster and personalized services. CXA helps our clients deliver exceptional experiences and increase brand value. We help businesses consolidate CX goals across the organization, deliver high-quality digital products with best-in-class QA methodologies and visualize quantitative outcomes using business, marketing and IT metrics. With Cognizant’s CXA dashboard, you get a view of CX posture—across performance, accessibility, sentiment analysis and other metrics—for better data-driven decisions.

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We form partnerships and strategic alliances with world-class organizations to expand our service offerings and deliver comprehensive solutions to clients. Strategic alliances with the world's leading companies enable us to provide complete solutions to your business and IT challenges.


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