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In healthcare, meeting next-generation consumer expectations means delivering whole-person care and creating unified experiences, across physical, digital and stakeholder silos. To achieve success, Cognizant helps organizations modernize foundational IT infrastructure and move to an ecosystem-based operating model that prioritizes collaboration, agility and resilience while delivering the care experiences that consumers demand—anytime, anywhere.

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HFS ranked Cognizant as a leading Healthcare Provider (HCP) service provider

Cognizant was ranked the #2 overall provider and was rated #1 in HCP Services innovation in its latest report, “HFS Top 10: HCP Service Providers, 2022.”

HfS number two overall winner

Recently published insights


How to create a healthcare experience that breaks all boundaries

Healthcare players that embrace AI and modern platforms can deliver healthcare experiences that span organizational, physical and digital boundaries.


The work ahead in healthcare: Digital delivers at the frontlines of care

The pandemic has clarified the role and value of digital technologies and approaches for healthcare providers, according to our recent study. Providers are using AI and intelligent machines to personalize care and change how care is delivered.


The work ahead for healthcare payers: Gaining a foothold in the digital health future

Healthcare insurers need to continue applying intelligent automation and overcome skills gaps to realize expected digital gains, according to our recent research.

Merging anytime, anywhere convenience with proactive healthcare experiences

Cognizant’s Virtual Healthcare Solution for remote patient monitoring simplifies the process of merging the benefits of virtual healthcare with the expansive capabilities of the Microsoft Cloud.

Cognizant virtual healthcare solution

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Industry-leading software solutions

Cognizant’s TriZetto Healthcare Products drive growth and efficiency while improving member and patient experiences.

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The healthcare segments we serve


Delivering value-centered care

We solve healthcare’s toughest challenges. We can help you with yours.


A leading healthcare company


A leading healthcare company

uses AI to spot drug-seeking behavior.


A leading US-based retail pharmacy and PBM


A leading US-based retail pharmacy and PBM

cuts healthcare plan timelines by 50%.


A US-based healthcare system


A US-based healthcare system

improves service delivery with a modern IT backbone.


A major healthcare provider


A major healthcare provider

uses AI and machine learning to deliver cohesive, holistic care.


Targeted solutions

Engage with our business and technology experts for more information on solutions that will help you address today’s challenges while preparing for the future.

TriZetto Learning Services

In today’s dynamic healthcare environment, it’s challenging to maintain a skilled workforce. Organizations that flourish are the ones that embrace learning as a core competency.

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TriZetto Healthcare Products

Cognizant’s TriZetto Healthcare Products help you drive administrative efficiency, improve quality of care, and improve member and patient experiences.

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Virtual Health Solutions

Healthcare is transforming with expanded services beyond office visits. Deliver the anytime, anywhere care that patients and members expect with powerful offerings from Cognizant.

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Cognizant’s services address the industry trends and market forces that drive business and IT decision-making—from rethinking new business models to enabling digital innovation.


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Serving customers by looking forward as well as back is a big promise, but the power of today’s new digital capabilities is vast and growing.

Let’s talk about how digital can work for your business.