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Generative AI is breaking new ground in the evolution of artificial intelligence. It puts boundless potential at our fingertips, catalyzes digital transformation and profoundly changes business and work with higher levels of human-machine collaboration. In our collective hands, we can shape this technology into a tool for progress, using it responsibly to spur innovation, unlock new possibilities and improve everyday life.

Our generative AI services

Customer Experience Navigator

Deploy AI-powered conversational assistants for seamless customer interactions and personalized support. Enhance engagement, automate processes and drive customer satisfaction.

Enterprise Knowledge Navigator

Use generative AI for comprehensive knowledge management and semantic search to unlock valuable insights, accelerate information discovery and enhance decision-making.

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Process Optimizer

Streamline operations through AI-driven automation to optimize efficiency and reduce manual efforts. Transform workflows, achieve process excellence and improve productivity.

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Development Lifecycle Navigator

Fuel developer productivity with AI-driven tools and resources to enable faster development cycles and improve code quality. Accelerate innovation, streamline workflows and enhance collaboration.

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Data Engineering Navigator

Streamline data pipelines and gain recommendations for best practices plus automated solutions to common data engineering challenges to enhance efficiency and accuracy.

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Cognizant Neuro AI accelerates your adoption journey

Unlock the potential of Cognizant’s gen AI services in a flexible, secure, scalable and responsible manner. With Neuro® AI, we guide clients from identifying company-specific use cases to fully operationalizing generative AI, helping you harness the value of these cutting-edge technologies.

Examples of our current work

Millions saved, response accuracy boosted by 95%
Millions saved, response accuracy boosted by 95%

We’re using gen AI to radically boost efficiency and accuracy, improving UX for a global payment card corporation.

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Increasing productivity for thousands of manufacturing technicians
Increasing productivity for thousands of manufacturing technicians

We help maintenance engineers use generative AI to turn thousands of chat and speech documents into insights. This helps them act faster, reduce downtime and boost productivity.

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Faster access to research and quicker decision making in pharmaceuticals
Faster access to research and quicker decision making in pharmaceuticals

We use generative AI to help our client access relevant medical literature faster and easier. This speeds up decision-making, eliminates frustrating manual efforts and reduces cost.

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Driving cost efficiency in P&C insurance company
Driving cost efficiency in P&C insurance company

We’re using gen AI to help a global insurance client efficiently complete nearly 100% of complex claims—and cut costs.

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Partner with us

Our full-scale consulting, advisory and delivery capabilities are backed by expansive client and industry acumen, and we apply this expertise to help your businesses solve its biggest challenges.  

Seamless approach

Adopt AI using a seamless approach that skillfully infuses human and technology expertise to drive results.

Responsible AI

Apply AI with our focused commitment, leadership and understanding of responsible AI practices.

Proven orchestration

Benefit from our ability to orchestrate across robust transformation platforms and ecosystems.

Domain expertise

Rely on our industry expertise and deep domain knowledge to build flexible, reusable platforms.


Naveen Sharma

VP and Global Practice Head, Data and AI

Mahadevan Krishnamoorthy

AVP, North America Head for Architecture, Data and AI advisory

Tara Whitehead Stotland

Leader, Innovation and Strategy, Consulting North America

Take the first step

Many businesses today are responsibly infusing generative AI into processes and platforms to uncover new areas of opportunity and growth. 

Let’s talk about putting generative AI to work for your business.