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Cognizant Flowsource: Transforming engineering through AI innovation

To flourish in today’s dynamic environment, businesses must accelerate their innovation cycles and deliver superior products and services to their customers, faster. However, achieving this level of continuous innovation requires a fundamental shift in the way software engineering is approached.

That’s why we created Flowsource™, an AI-powered, unified full-stack platform that ushers in the next generation of engineering. It enables faster innovation by incorporating generative AI into key stages of the software development lifecycle (SDLC), enabling developers to focus on rich features and exceptional user experiences.

By integrating and automating workflows with leading frameworks, templates and tools along the development lifecycle, Flowsource delivers quality code at speed, limits security and compliance risks, enhances transparency and improves the developer experience.

Beyond productivity: secure your competitive edge

With Flowsource, organizations can harness the transformative potential of generative AI to drive productivity, speed and quality in their software engineering processes.

Integrated AI copilots for code completion and generation
Rich library of prompt templates for development tasks
Generative documentation and automated component templates
Automated security reviews, quality and compliance checks
Code explainability
Knowledge search and management

Key benefits of the platform

Augmented intelligence

Integration of generative AI in key SDLC stages accelerates development cycles for faster time-to-market. Automation of tasks, AI-assisted code completion, documentation generation and test case creation enable developers to focus on high-value activities while driving innovation.

Self-service, template-based

Self-service provisioning with reusable templates streamlines workflows and ensures consistency. Integration of leading frameworks and solutions simplifies tooling complexity.

Automated quality assurance

Automated security reviews and compliance checks ensure adherence to standards, while generative unit tests and code explainability improve resilience and reliability.


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Leaders in modern engineering

Scaled systems and operations experts with deep domain knowledge across industries.

On the forefront of gen AI and automation

Extensive experience in integrating cutting-edge technologies into enterprise workflows.

Driving internal adoption of Flowsource to continuously enhance and refine the platform.


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Revolutionize your software engineering with Cognizant Flowsource, harnessing generative AI and automation to accelerate innovation, boost productivity and create outstanding digital experiences.

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