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Cognizant Flowsource:
The engineering platform for the new pace of business

We live in a time of a continuous beta. Products are never fully complete but need to evolve constantly and rapidly, to leverage new technologies and meet customer demands. To deploy continuous innovation quickly, your business needs a different kind of software engineering that is transparent, connected, fast and intelligent.

That is why we created Flowsource™ — a modern, generative AI infused full-stack engineering platform that integrates, orchestrates, and automates workflows, leading engineering frameworks, reusable templates and best-in-class tools along the software development lifecycle.

The result? High quality code at speed, enhanced transparency and control, contained security and compliance risks, enhanced reliability and operational excellence, and a better developer experience.

Beyond productivity: secure your competitive edge

Flowsource equips your business with much more than just speed and productivity. It enables you to fundamentally scale all aspects of modern engineering for competitive advantage.

Automated quality checks, templates and frameworks ensure high velocity does not come at the expense of quality. Flowsource also simplifies governance and generates business insights, so you can confidently achieve more, faster — and stay ahead.

Key benefits of the platform

Efficient, fast innovation

Deliver new features and products rapidly and efficiently, keeping up with evolving customer demands and using the latest in technology.

Augmented intelligence

Generative AI copilots and assistants, third-party plugins and more combine within an extendable platform.

Full stack integration and transparency

From engineering to business users, give all stakeholders end-to-end observability and transparency.

Self-service, template-based

Empower teams to provision code, software and environments on demand to simplify their work.

Automated quality assurance

Templates, tooling and automated scanning to ensure best practices are always followed.


Partner with us

Leaders in modern engineering

Cognizant’s deep experience supporting enterprise-scale delivery culture modernization makes us an ideal partner for next generation engineering.

Scaled systems and operations experts

Fusing our systems integrator DNA and modern engineering best practices, we understand what it takes to navigate enterprise-wide evolution.

On the forefront of gen AI and automation

We work with hyperscalers and clients every day to build the future of enterprise-grade gen AI and automation. We’re using that expertise to redefine software engineering.


Rewire your business for the age of AI

It’s not just about more code faster. It’s about delivering positive business impact continuously and sustainably. Cognizant Flowsource helps you rewire your enterprise to capitalize on AI-driven growth. 

Continue the conversation

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