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Cloud Solutions

Outcome-based cloud business solutions

When it comes to growth, there’s nothing more powerful than Cognizant’s cloud expertise, services and partnerships. Cloud—done right—unleashes massive on-demand resources, enabling your organization to innovate and scale through shared capabilities, processes and data on demand. Concentrate your processing power into one secure cloud platform and make bold, confident, insightful advances.
Unleash the power of a multi-cloud environment

Whether you are in the planning stages of a cloud transformation, or operating in a sub-optimal cloud environment, Cognizant® Skygrade™ accelerates business value and realizes the value of cloud-native architecture.

Why it’s better to be ‘cloud-smart’ than ‘cloud-first’

Cloud smart means finding the right balance of public, private or hybrid cloud that benefits your business the most.

Digital interface cloud


A foundation for transformation

Large enterprises need to make their IT infrastructure and processes cloud ready today to reap the full benefits tomorrow. Core Infrastructure Management (CIM) is a broad offering that enables businesses to extract value from existing systems by modernizing technology, reimagining processes and transforming user experiences.

From networking to data-center consolidation and hybrid cloud implementations, CIM encompasses a complete “cloud-smart” strategy. An agile IT infrastructure enables you to scale and adapt to changing needs within a secure hybrid or pure cloud platform.

Accelerate cloud strategies and results

Cognizant’s industry experience and expertise across critical platforms makes us the trusted digital partner to drive and deliver results.

CIMM combines market-leading talent, innovative methods, IP and thought leadership to enable industry-focused business outcomes and user engagement.

Cloud-driven business transformation is not only central to Cognizant’s approach but also to your ability to adapt and succeed in dynamic markets. Starting with a modern infrastructure, we simplify and recalibrate cloud strategies to maximize outcomes for our clients.

Improve workplace intelligence

Cognizant® WorkNext Digital Workplace Services accelerate the move from traditional work environments to a completely modern workplace. Onboarding new users is quick and intelligent with self-healing software and adoptive self-service capabilities.

Cognizant Digital Workplace Services can increase productivity, enhance user retention and improve outcomes for your business. Drive innovation in your business by tapping our extensive background in cloud workplace, AI/ML, analytics, modern collaboration, platform integrations and automation.

Analyst awards and recognition


Analyst awards in 12 months


Named leader in cloud service



Winner across five cloud solution platform categories

Core Infra Management

ISG Provider Lens: Next Gen Private / Hybrid Cloud—DC Services & Solutions US—Leader

Cloud Management

ISG Provider Lens: Microsoft Ecosystems US—Leader

Digital Workplace

Gartner Magic Quadrant: Managed Workplace Services NA—Leader

HFS announced Cognizant #4 Hyperscaler Cloud Services Provider

Scored top 5 in 5 Categories for Innovation Capability and Ability to Execute

- Marketing and thought leadership
- IP and accelerators
- Investments and roadmap
- Partnerships
- Pricing and commercial models

Rated #3 for Outstanding voice of the customer

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How an integrated cloud management platform cuts costs while increasing agility

Through a “single pane of glass” for multi-cloud management, organizations can significantly increase their productivity, lower the total cost of ownership of cloud management tools, and cut release cycle times from weeks to as little as an hour.

IT connecting the world


API modernization: A novel approach pays dividends

Migrating from integration-platform-as-a-service environments to AWS public cloud can enable greater flexibility, faster time-to-market, better user experience and lower cost. Interestingly, the approach we used to assist a global data provider can be applied to nearly any company seeking to move from IPaaS to a public cloud.

Cloud and digital interface


Why some cloud-smart solutions need to be hybrid

Blindly putting everything in the cloud isn’t a strategy anymore. Join industry experts for a deep dive cloud conversation.

Network connection dots and lines. Technology background. Plexus. Big data background. 3d rendering.

Cognizant cloud expertise

We work with all the major cloud providers through dedicated hyperscaler business groups to offer full-stack skills and capabilities. Together, we assemble the skilled teams, software and platforms to enable secure cloud solutions that accelerate growth in your business.

Cloud partner awards

We work closely with our partners to shape the future for our joint clients. Together, we reimagine processes and transform experiences to deliver client-centric outcomes. Here are a few of our most recent partnership awards.

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Serving customers by looking forward as well as back is a big promise, but the power of today’s new digital capabilities is vast and growing.

Let’s talk about how digital can work for your business.