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Delivering business outcomes with cloud solutions

Just like the world we live in, the cloud—and everything it connects to—is in a constant state of innovation. To stay ahead of this change, Cognizant brings cloud expertise, deep industry knowledge and partnerships to integrate, automate, manage and deliver the outcomes that fuel your innovation and growth.

Business outcomes and strong ROI

Unleash the power of a multi-cloud environment

Whether you are in the planning stages of a cloud transformation, or operating in a sub-optimal cloud environment, Cognizant® Skygrade™ accelerates business value and realizes the value of cloud-native architecture.

Why it’s better to be ‘cloud-smart’ than ‘cloud-first’

Cloud smart means finding the right balance of public, private or hybrid cloud that benefits your business the most.

Digital interface cloud

What we do

Create a bridge to the future with cloud

We make today’s businesses sustainably agile and more innovative by transforming the heritage core, driving modernization across infrastructure and applications and using cloud as the modern business platform.

Not sure where to start with cloud? Our advisory services can help your business chart its cloud journey from day one: from building a cloud strategy and technology modernization roadmap, through proof of concept, enablement and optimization. Our services ensure the focus is not just on solutions—but also on building the talent and teams needed to support them.

We provide tools and resources to support the implementation of DevOps practices in a cloud computing environment. We help organizations achieve faster, more reliable software releases using a DevOps software development methodology that emphasizes collaboration, automation and continuous delivery.

Our cloud foundation services help organizations establish a strong, reliable cloud infrastructure. We offer the essential building blocks such as landing zones, network configuration, security protocols, identity and access management, with compliance and governance policies that put you on a trajectory for success.

Our cloud management services provide a range of solutions and capabilities that help your business get the most from cloud with full observability, automation, cost supervision and AI operations. Our solution combines different platform options, tools, blueprints and professional services that you can use to implement your own platform or to leverage Cognizant’s IP solutions and shared services.

Maximize the value of cloud by accelerating your transformation to unlock its full potential. Whether your migration is a lift-and-shift stepping stone to longer-term modernization or a complete transformation to cloud native and containerization, our services deliver outcomes that help businesses focus less on IT and more on innovation, investment opportunities and growth.

Getting the most value from your cloud initiatives means defining the right operational procedures and practices for the public cloud era. Our services manage delivery, tuning, optimization and cloud performance and gives your business the FinOps observability it needs to ensure optimized workloads.

Hybrid cloud unifies operations in your cloud environment by bringing together on-premises, edge and public providers such as Amazon, Microsoft and Google to tailor the cloud experience to your needs, simplify management and ensure you get maximum value from your investment.

Our infrastructure managed services (IMS) provide comprehensive IT infrastructure operations services for critical business applications hosted on private/hybrid clouds or traditional and proprietary environments. IMS also offers end-to-end transformation services from legacy to modern IT infrastructure through gen AI and frameworks tailored to industry-specific business outcomes.

Partners and additional services 

Analyst awards and recognition

Multi Cloud

ISG Provider Lens: MultiCloud Public Services 2023—Leader

IT Operations

Avasant Radarview: Intelligent ITOps Services 2023—Leader

Application Services

Everest Peak Matrix: Oracle Cloud Application Services 2023—Leader

AI Services

Everest Peak Matrix: Artificial Intelligence Services 2023—Leader

Managed Services

Avasant Radarview: Data Center Managed Services 2023—Leader

Partner Services

ISG Provider Lens: ServiceNow Ecosystem Partners 2023—Leader


Cloud managed services

What are cloud managed services?

Cloud managed services, also known as managed cloud, is an application, service or ecosystem in the cloud that a third-party organization manages. Cloud managed services include IT tasks, such as engineering on demand, operations management, 24/7 help desk support and hosting and implementation. Cloud managed services are the partial or complete management and control of an organization’s cloud platform, including cloud deployment, cloud management, migration, maintenance and optimization.

What are the business benefits of cloud managed services?

With cloud managed services, an organization achieves numerous benefits, including:

  • Cost savings. Reduce costs through not having to purchase and replace physical servers. Optimize operational expenses by eliminating the management and maintenance of servers and cloud infrastructure. Simplify operations and spend less time setting up, managing and maintaining the network infrastructure and more time running the business through a fully managed and integrated cloud infrastructure.
  • Automatic upgrades. Move and innovate faster through a modernized and integrated cloud services infrastructure that is automatically updated and upgraded.
  • Network security. Deploy and leverage cloud managed services to provide 24/7 monitoring, disaster recovery support and increased data protection. Use the advanced security of cloud services to increase operational efficiency and stay ahead of the competition.
  • Resiliency and innovation. Multicloud-based business and technology platforms and services are resilient, have built-in intelligence, and drive automation and innovative business performance.
  • Disaster recovery support. Back up and sync data to quickly retrieve and restore data and redeploy without system-wide disruptions. Ensure disaster recovery support to decrease downtime in the event of a disaster and resume normal business processes with resilience, speed and agility.
  • Rapid response times. Leverage 24/7 support to quickly resolve detected issues that increase operational efficiency and ensure a durable, reliable cloud managed services network infrastructure.

Cognizant cloud expertise

We work with all the major cloud providers through dedicated hyperscaler business groups to offer full-stack skills and capabilities. Together, we assemble the skilled teams, software and platforms to enable secure cloud solutions that accelerate growth in your business.

Cloud partner awards

We work closely with our partners to shape the future for our joint clients. Together, we reimagine processes and transform experiences to deliver client-centric outcomes. Here are a few of our most recent partnership awards.

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