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Demands on delivery in the always-on era

Delighting customers in a time of skyrocketing costs and increasing competition isn’t easy but we know how to help. Leverage our expertise to dramatically improve delivery processes—and innovate your services at every step.
A better customer experience

This global equipment company used IoT to transform its customer experience while decreasing revenue leakage by nearly $10 million.

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Targeted solutions

Digital solutions that help providers prepare for growth.

Outbound logistics solutions

Turn your outbound logistics processes into a source of competitive advantage.

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Analytics for logistics

Our solution accepts a vast range of inputs and produces supply chain metrics aimed at helping business users plan their logistics operations more effectively.

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Digital tolling solution

Leverage the latest digital technology to provide real-time planning and routing for vehicles in transit.*

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Pickup and delivery process visibility

Better manage on-time performance and improve customer service. Our offerings include real-time visibility into pickup and delivery of cargo and parcels.

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*Digital tolling solution: Photo courtesy David C. Sullivan of Elizabeth River Crossings OpCo, LLC.

Additional capabilities

Visibility beyond tracking

Cognizant’s digital solutions for mail and express combine traditional connected cargo capabilities with emerging technologies including digital mail, e-commerce, mobile commerce and telematics. We provide consulting, user experience design and technology services to help you achieve full supply chain visibility, deliver superior customer services and stay ahead of the digital curve.

Our services bring together domain expertise in logistics with mature IT delivery processes. As a result, they can be employed quickly to avoid the risk of technology obsolescence.

Implement digital at scale

For private and government mail and express organizations, we provide world-class digital platform services that streamline operations, increase productivity and help uncover new opportunities.

Whether it is finance and accounting, customer support or outbound logistics, our technology platform services offer measurable value and use both mature and emerging digital technologies.


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Aditya Pathak

VP and Head of Automotive, Transportation and Logistics

Take the first step

Serving customers by looking forward as well as back is a big promise, but the power of today’s new digital capabilities is vast and growing.

Let’s talk about how digital can work for your business.