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The infinite opportunities in generative AI

Leaders who understand the scale of what’s unfolding and begin deploying generative AI safely today stand to gain more than the usual “first-mover advantage.”


Building urban resilience

IoT, 5G and other innovations can solve many challenges facing today’s urban centers. But how do we get from idea to implementation?  


How to be a future-ready city

To thrive, a city must be more than smart; it must be resilient. Learn the six ways cities can fulfill their visions. 

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Road to the future

Increasing carbon emissions from urban mobility, among other factors, make transportation innovation a global imperative.


How city life impacts our health

To be resilient, a city needs to power its public health initiatives with technology, but only 49% of cities have made good progress in this area.


Operating in the virtual world

The opportunities of the metaverse are limited only by the imagination. Now is the time to envision the role it can play in your business.


The latest in Tech to Watch

Keep up with innovation and emerging opportunities at the speed of change. And make sense of an ever-evolving technology environment.


How we help our global partners


Oracle upgrade transforms invoice processing

A UK public transportation company realized 20% reusability across business processes with a scalable platform that supports five million transactions.

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AI-powered virtual assistance increases CX by 60%

A Norwegian energy provider faced challenges with its traditional IT service desk. An AI-powered solution freed up agents for higher-value tasks. 


IoT platform adoption achieves $1.2 billion cost savings

The shift to flexible work arrangements caused a US-based global financial institution to rethink its workspaces worldwide.   

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