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Most companies may be missing out on early opportunities in the metaverse

Our Corporate Engagement Index uncovers the extent and intensity of corporate engagement with the metaverse.

Only 2.5% of companies reference the metaverse in their earnings calls – which could hint at missed opportunities, while some early adopters are generating value today. Find out if these first movers may gain a significant advantage.


Digital technology is the foundation for a modern business, and technology adoption is not slowing down.

Percentage of companies using or planning to use technologies:


Cloud computing


Robotics technologies


Quantum computing



* Based on responses from 2,000 senior executives in the Economist Impact Survey 2022 supported by Cognizant.


Three points of value in emerging technology

Tech to Watch news blog

Keep up with innovation and emerging opportunities at the speed of change. And make sense of an ever-evolving technology environment.

JANUARY 5, 2023

It’s time to make chatbots (actually) useful 

Recent advances indicate the technology could be ready to improve the customer experience.

Cityscape at night

NOVEMBER 17, 2022

Here’s where self-driving vehicles are becoming a reality

While passenger cars are a ways off, trucking and taxis are making progress.

Flying car over city

OCTOBER 27, 2022

How to ethically use AI in healthcare

When a wrong decision could be fatal, it’s critical to vet how AI is used.

Driver seat in a car

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