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Enterprise Platform Services

Your partner for digital orchestration

Winning the customer battle in the digital economy
Winning in the digital age takes more than just a strong customer experience. Your CX must be highly relevant and directly connected with the rest of your value chain. You must break down organizational silos in the way you engage with customers, employees and partners.
Cognizant’s Enterprise Platform Services (EPS) help clients across industries reimagine their digital CX, attract and retain a world-class workforce, engage their partner ecosystems more productively and run their operations and financial organizations more efficiently.
By building a simpler, modernized landscape, Cognizant EPS can help you transform your business, achieve your key business goals—and win in the digital economy.

Unleashing growth through intelligent orchestration

Enterprise Platform Services leader Rob Vatter on why businesses must embrace next-level CX—with a new study that provides a roadmap.


End-to-end application services

A world-class portfolio of EPS solutions

Your enterprise applications are at the core of your organization’s IT structure. Cognizant EPS help you digitally transform multiple front- and back-office business processes, including CX/CRM, HCM, SCM and finance/ERP.

How to craft a compelling CX

Cognizant’s Customer Service Transformation is a comprehensive approach that helps organizations deliver personalized, streamlined and effective experiences that meet ever-evolving customer expectations. Now, businesses can cater to each customer through their trusted channels and create memorable brand interactions at each step.

Customer Service Transformation identifies the moments that matter in the customer service journey, helping clients define their objectives with tangible business outcomes such as higher satisfaction scores, lower costs and greater customer value. By orchestrating the right software, platforms and data, organizations can create omnichannel interactions that drive proactive customer service and business value.

A roadmap for digital HR transformation

Evolving workforce demographics. Complex HR business context. Mergers and acquisitions. Ever-changing regulations. Together, these factors create a dynamic shift in HCM and change HR business expectations.

The combination of our HCM domain expertise and digital HR offerings gives you a structured roadmap for end-to-end digital HR transformation. We leverage innovative transformation solutions to create a compelling employee experience, realize efficiency gains and drive business value.

By leveraging our long-standing technology partnerships, we can offer strong capabilities in leading HR platforms to provide best-of-breed digital HCM solutions.

Leveraging digital to modernize SCM

The COVID-19 pandemic, wars, trade embargos, shifting financial conditions and interdependent businesses prompt organizations to look beyond traditional supply chain processes to deliver value to the enterprise. Cognizant’s Supply Chain Management practice offers high-performance supply chain solutions enabled by next-generation technologies that modernize your operations while reducing costs. You gain the speed and flexibility to respond to new challenges and opportunities, giving you the intuitive edge needed to stay ahead of the competitors.

Transforming the finance landscape

Inconsistent markets. Changing regional regulatory and statutory requirements. Rapid technology developments. Each of these factors requires finance to continually assess and redesign business strategy to remain competitive.

We understand your complex finance environment, and we deliver the solutions you need to transform it—from platform-anchored and cross-platform solutions to business advisory and consulting services. Our integrated transformation methodology leverages best-in-class tools and accelerators to provide seamless solutions across industries, regions and operating models.

Our strategic alliances with key financial management software vendors enable cost-effective solutions and faster time to value.

Becoming an AI-driven enterprise

Successful organizations make the right decisions at the right time—and the fastest, most trusted business decisions are informed by data and Artificial Intelligence. To realize the full value of modern decisioning, organizations need to prioritize AI initiatives then move beyond the test lab to scale and embed AI throughout the enterprise.

Cognizant knows how and where to create AI value. Powered by battle-ready tools and accelerators, Enterprise AI helps you move models from pilot to production and deliver measurable and reliable business outcomes in months, not years. Leveraging native services from our hyperscaler partners, our methodologies address your enterprise-wide AI challenges while unique evolutionary AI decision-making technologies continuously improve results by discovering effective strategies automatically and prescribing the best possible decision for multiple objectives.

Becoming an AI-driven enterprise

Enterprise AI is a comprehensive service offering designed to overcome the obstacles preventing organizations from turning data into insights and making intelligence-based decisions.


Becoming a composable enterprise

Cognizant designs, builds, implements and runs enterprise integration platforms that include built-in, reusable, standard APIs for most industry and enterprise applications helping you become a composable enterprise. We include an API store, providing best practice integrations and those built for your custom applications. This approach delivers cost and complexity reductions while enabling digital transformation programs, improving speed to market, enabling real-time access to data connecting edge and IoT devices, and ensuring data quality, security, and compliance.

With an enterprise integration platform in place, new control points are created for the organization. This gives you the ability to monitor business process, manage compliance, develop new insights for better customer experiences and monetize transactions creating new ecosystems.

Becoming a composable enterprise

Cognizant helps customers engineer a modern business to realize the benefits of their digital and smart solution transformations by removing the integration barriers of legacy and newer digital systems and by transitioning to an enterprise integration platform that becomes the foundation for supporting rapid business changes.


Leveraging your existing software

Long-standing software partnerships

Through our alliances with leading software vendors we help your business do more with your existing software platforms. No matter where you are in your digital transformation journey, we’ll leverage your platform to roadmap, implement and run your enterprise landscape for the digital world.

Seamless UX across channels

With users engaging with enterprises across multiple channels and with an increase in apps, data and devices, omnichannel integration must ensure a consistent UX across all customer touchpoints.

Cognizant’s Integrated Process Management experts have deep expertise across the connected digital enterprise space to help your organization accelerate digital transformation. With data becoming the differentiator, we have partnered with our top clients to integrate diverse applications across internal systems, partner ecosystems and external social platforms, effectively leveraging IoT, microservices and APIs.

We integrate digital solutions across hybrid cloud environments so your enterprise runs better. You can address complex integration needs that span geographies, and your applications can assume new roles in the business.

Drive smart process automation

As enterprises continue to look for ways to optimize operational costs and provide differentiating CX, business process management needs to evolve in kind. Decision-making must be driven by AI, data, analytics and business rules to make the process real time, predictive and standardized.

Cognizant’s Intelligent BPM experts can help you drive robotic process automation that fosters a superior user experience, accelerates your shift to digital and achieves operational efficiencies enabled by predictive decision-making.

Our next-generation solutions, frameworks and methodologies—powered by industry best practices and extensive knowledge repositories—help us deliver unique value to your business while digitally transforming multiple front- and back-office processes.

Combined strengths, unified resources

Cognizant’s Oracle practice helps you navigate today’s digital shift. Our expertise spans the entire Oracle Stack, from engagement to transaction processing to modernizing core systems. We’re ahead of the curve in leveraging cloud, social and mobile enterprise application platforms to drive innovation and efficiency.

As an OPN Global Platinum Partner and Cloud Premier Partner, we help you implement the new operating models, processes and cloud-based information systems you need to remain competitive in today’s digital landscape while optimizing the value of your Oracle investment.

Deliver next-gen customer engagement

In the digital age, enterprises are looking to deliver compelling customer experiences, automate processes and optimize operational costs. Customer service, sales effectiveness and operational excellence have emerged as the key paradigms of digital transformation. You need an end-to-end low-code/no-code platform for creating dynamic, scalable, multichannel solutions that encourage your customers to interact, purchase and stay engaged through their journeys.

Cognizant's Pega practice helps you create stellar customer experiences and automate processes for end-to-end customer engagement. Powered by advanced artificial intelligence and robotic automation, we deliver solutions that drive excellence in sales, marketing, customer service and operations. With deep expertise across the digital process automation and CRM space, we can help you enable the digital flip. Our new-generation solutions, frameworks and methodologies, powered by industry best-practices and extensive knowledge repositories, help us deliver unique value.

As a Global Elite Partner of Pegasystems, we have delivered complex, multicountry transformation programs for our clients across industry verticals.

Key to a CX go-to-market approach

Cognizant’s Salesforce experts have a deep understanding of emerging digital landscapes and evolving customer needs. We can deliver complex multicountry CRM transformation rollouts, as well as strong program management. We complement our strong expertise in digital design, mobile app design and digital UX with the Salesforce platform to bring industry-specific solutions to market.

As a Global Strategic Partner of Salesforce, we’ve collaborated with the company to develop next-generation proprietary CX tools and solutions that incorporate AI, communities, IoT, AR and VR across the sales, services and marketing functions.

Unlock the value of digital

In today’s digital business, enterprises, clients, partners, end customers and employees all align in a single value chain. Consumerization of technology enables businesses to build intelligent enterprises and new digital business models, creating deeper customer engagement for more relevant and contextual customer experiences.

In Cognizant’s SAP practice, we help enterprises maximize business value in the digital economy. By driving digital acceleration, we can prepare you for the approaching autonomous business by unlocking the value of digital with industry-specific outcomes. Our extended service portfolio and business solutions help you gain competitive leadership, discover new revenue streams and achieve business agility—all with the operational mandates of cost and efficiency.

Advisory, deployment and continuous value services

Get the guidance your business needs to move ahead with Workday initiatives and build rigor into your key finance and HR management operations. We can help your business ensure transformation success with strategy and change management advice. With Cognizant as your strategic partner, you’ll get the Workday implementation support you need to go live on time and on budget. 

After your implementation, our continuous value services help you to increase adoption, optimize your Workday tenant and maximize the ROI of your cloud ERP system. 

Our partners

We form partnerships and strategic alliances with world-class organizations to expand our service offerings and deliver comprehensive solutions to clients. Strategic alliances with the world’s leading companies enable us to provide complete solutions to your business and IT challenges.


Enterprise platform services

What is enterprise platform services?

Enterprise platform services (EPS) refers to business applications that help an organization integrate digital customer experiences (CX), attract and retain world-class workforces, engage partner ecosystems, and run operations and financial organizations more efficiently. Enterprise applications are at the core of an organization’s IT structure.

What are the business benefits of enterprise platform services?

EPS can help an enterprise digitally transform multiple front- and back-office business processes, including customer experience (CX), customer relationship management (CRM), human capital management (HCM), supply chain management (SCM), enterprise resource planning (ERP), finance and more. In so doing, EPS can help an organization to better share information, simplify IT processes, automate workflow and improve IT flexibility.

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