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Strategic alliances with the world's leading companies enable us to provide complete solutions to your business and IT challenges.

Vidyo, a software company with over 10 years’ experience and 115+ patents in the video collaboration space, is uniquely positioned to enable financial services companies with the ability to provide extraordinary video collaboration services to their clients.

Vidyo's ground-breaking technology continues to change the way we work and communicate. Market leaders across industries leverage Vidyo’s technology to visually enable communication applications from core enterprise collaboration to customer engagement to telehealth to field services to all manner of customized solutions that embed directly into workflows.

Cognizant has partnered with Vidyo to help its clients leverage the power of real-time video collaboration for digital transformation.


Cognizant’s partnership with Vidyo would help clients engage with their customers, employees and partners in real-time across any device. Below are some of the sample use cases that Cognizant would offer as part of this partnership:

  • Video banking – transforming the traditional branch banking experience to virtual video banking experience
  • Video Support – provide video as high touch engagement channel for call center support
  • Compliance – recording of conversation for compliance needs
  • HNI connect – advisors to connect with HNIs using video and co-browsing capabilities
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