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When it comes to Industry 4.0, there’s a stark divide between vision and reality. The vision: seamless connections, insights and workflows from the factory floor to product delivery and beyond. The reality: disconnected, dysfunctional processes with little integration between operational equipment, IT systems and business units.

That’s why manufacturers have to start at the foundational level to realize the lower costs, higher revenues and greater agility promised by Industry 4.0. The first step to becoming a smart, connected industrial enterprise is to unify, align and integrate the operational systems on the factory floor with IT systems, business processes and organizational models.

We’ve worked with many manufacturers to navigate the shift to Industry 4.0. In our e-book, we describe the journey they’ve taken to create smart, interconnected solutions that will enable them to compete in the next industrial era.

To learn more, read our e-book “Beyond the Vision: Realizing the Promise of Industry 4.0” and visit the Internet of Things section of our website, or contact us.