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Selfie Moments in Digital Business Transformation


Selfie Moments in Digital Business Transformation

I was on my regular evening walk through a park near my home yesterday. As I walked by apark bench I noticed something very interesting...

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I was on my regular evening walk through a park near my home yesterday. As I walked by apark bench I noticed something very interesting - there was this old couple sitting and taking a selfie. They were looking at the smartphone screen with the happiest faces. I smirked but didn’t want to ruin their moment so I pretended that I hadn’t seen anything and continued on.

While walking back home I kept pondering on the old couple and a variety of thoughts ran through my mind. The couple wasn’t bothered about the people around them and in fact didn’t seem to care if anyone even saw them. They were in what may have been the best moment of their life together. The smiles on their faces were a reflection of their attitude towards life. I was inspired to see their enthusiasm and excitement at this age. Then I thought—what would they do with that selfie? Just keep it on their phone, or upload it to Facebook or Instagram? Well, it doesn’t matter what they did with that picture. It was more about living and enjoying that moment.

I believe this story teaches us an important lesson about digital business transformation – cherish every moment of transforming your business digitally. The selfie moments of digital business transformation are not about taking a picture of yourself, but instead appreciating every moment of change. Our latest whitepaper “Asia Rising: Digital Driving” highlights that 96% of companies in Asia Pacific are well on their way to digitally transforming their business, but more than half of them believe that the pace of transformation is slower relative to market changes. It’s true that for many traditional companies the transformation will not be easy; rather it will be challenging. However, business leaders must understand that digital business transformation is a journey and, just as with any other journey, it is an experience that their companies will go through. Therefore they should ensure that they and their teams enjoy every moment of the transformation rather than viewing it as a mammoth task to complete.

So, what would selfie moments be from the digital transformation standpoint? Some thoughts that come to my mind are:

  • Leaders accepting the fact that digital transformation will fundamentally change their business model (products, services, value-proposition, etc.). They take a big and bold step in making their company digital-first.
  • Digital contributing to revenue growth. Our latest study shows that going digital could propel revenue growth more than 13% by 2017, up from 7.6% today for the companies we surveyed.
  • Overcoming key challenges such as breaking down business process integration, organization silos, changing the company’s culture, setting up a digital office, realigning employee incentives, rewards and growth plans, and addressing the myriad challenges that companies face as the digital transformation accelerates.

The list goes on. The only difference in the digital business transformation journey is that there is no end to it, so the more that leaders enjoy their journey; the easier it will be for them and their teams to sail through the coming sea change.

What’s your selfie moment of digital business transformation journey?

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