How European Telecoms are Unlocking Value with AI


Amid a landscape significantly reshaped by the pandemic, European telecommunications companies are prioritizing AI to make more data-informed decisions.

Even as COVID-19 pushed all business and work-related activities online, Europe’s telecoms kept the economy going. As the prolonged pandemic waxes and wanes, the pressure to optimize operational performance is unlikely to subside. This makes artificial intelligence (AI) indispensable to European telecoms looking for new efficiencies and avenues that create value.

Data from a variety of sources, combined with analytics and AI, is critical to achieving these goals. But this could prove to be tricky as data security and governance remain a challenge across the region. Meanwhile, the digital reshaping of the human-machine equation throughout the workplace is compelling telecom companies to re-evaluate the people skills that will be paramount in the future.

We teamed with ESI ThoughtLab to conduct a multi-industry survey of 1,200 senior executives from around the world, including 27 telecom companies throughout Europe.

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