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Deepen customer engagement

Today, communications companies are under pressure to transform operating models for improved order fulfillment, billing and delivery. They also must innovate product, service, and content development, capitalize on disruption and deepen subscriber relationships.
Success requires a reinvention of business processes where digital platforms, data, automation and AI are leveraged to create intelligent and agile order, support and service operations. Harnessing managed services is also essential to deliver outstanding customer experiences with the lowest total cost of ownership. Cognizant combines industry and digital operations expertise to help transform business operations and implement digital platforms, automation, AI and managed services.


Cable & satellite
Cable & satellite

Apply business process transformation to improve customer relationships, provide intelligent customer services and accelerate profitable growth.

satellite tv
Integrated communication providers
Integrated communication providers

Implement digital operations to innovate and personalize products to upsell, cross-sell and drive loyalty to create new revenue streams.

electronic communication
Network equipment manufacturers
Network equipment manufacturers

Combine intelligent digital platforms and managed services to streamline processes and administration, reduce costs and improve customer relationships.

people working in an office

Transform billing, order fulfillment and finance processes to automate workflows, increase agility and personalize engagement for increased productivity and growth.

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efficiency improvement through business process transformation in communications companies

Offerings and platforms

Streamline your business process

With a deep understanding of today’s communications industry, we offer business process services to make you more effective, efficient and virtualized. You’ll be able to streamline and cost-effectively manage customer support and service operations—and redirect internal business resources toward more strategic, value-added projects.

Improves campaigns, optimize ROI

Improve campaign effectiveness to maximize value and return on investment. Utilize data-driven insights to advance and develop your products and services, resulting in increased customer satisfaction, usage and business growth.

Why IPA? Greater ROI

Elevate workforce productivity by automating specific functions as well as end-to-end business operations. Leveraging leading automation platforms, we partner with you to improve workforce productivity and streamline customer experiences to drive business performance and growth.

Digitally transform finance and accounting

Transform finance and accounting operations into a value generator for your organization. Apply next-generation digital capabilities to enhance existing investments and turn procure-to-pay, order-to-cash, record-to-report and financial planning into valuable business insights.

Treat your customers right

Achieve new revenue-generating opportunities for your organization with next-generation customer service. We enable you to deliver proactive, predictive interactions across all your customers’ preferred channels to deliver more efficient, effective and enriched experiences.

Latest thinking

Getting fit for new-economy realities

Leaders, laggards and everything in-between: Here’s a look at how telecom, tech and media/entertainment businesses are progressing on the digital maturity curve.



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Digital Business Operations: Communications

Work with Cognizant to elevate subscriber experiences through innovative products and services, stronger content development and capitalizing on disruption.

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Take the first step

Serving customers by looking forward as well as back is a big promise, but the power of today’s new digital capabilities is vast and growing.

Let’s talk about how digital can work for your business.