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Case study

The challenge

A premium cable provider wanted to transform 20 core content delivery applications to serve the fast-growing on-demand streaming sector and position the company for market leadership. The company’s media supply chain was built to serve programs and events that air at scheduled times. However, streaming capabilities require a supply chain that serves the non-linear direct-to-consumer and over-the-top (OTT) services. The cable provider also wanted its media supply chain to improve scalability, efficiency and service. It turned to Cognizant based on our team’s extensive media expertise and quality delivery.

Our approach

Cognizant closely partnered with the cable provider to ensure our architecture and solutions would deliver on the organization’s critical business needs. We assembled a team to lead the transition and gain a deeper understanding of the company’s complex application landscape. We leveraged Cognizant’s consulting team to understand the “as-is” business process and the scope of individual applications, as well as system and business process integration points. Working side by side with the client’s software managers, we established a creative, productive relationship. In a rapidly evolving sector like on-demand content, it was essential to transition the company’s software development processes from waterfall methodology to the faster, iterative Agile development approach. We migrated the media supply chain from on-premise to the cloud-based Amazon Web Services.

Positioning the company for market leadership

The decision to adopt Agile development contributed to our delivery of 100% quality content. By identifying all defects during story development, transitioning to the new platform encountered zero defects or disruptions—a standout result that far exceeds typical quality ratings of 90%. Since the supply chain’s launch, our team has continued to serve as product owners for the cable provider’s applications and processes. The successful media supply chain positions the company for global expansion in the streaming sector. We’re now working to roll out the capabilities beyond North America, with steps underway to expand into Latin America. Our team also partners with the client to deploy personalized ads to deepen subscriber engagement.


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