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Discover The Future of Work

Cognizant's Center for the Future of Work analyzes the major technology, business and societal trends. The new From/To Report pulls together all of these insights for a "state of the union" of the Future of Work.

The From/To report covers 42 ideas organized around five main themes:

  • The Way We Work: How we do what we do.
  • The Tools of Work: The apps, systems, networks, tools and processes that we use to work.
  • The Aesthetics of Work: What work looks like; how it feels.
  • The Issues with Work: When and why work is work.
  • The Meaning of Work: What gets us out of bed and makes us proud.

Examples like From Hierarchy to Wirearchy, From Bits to Qubits, From the Suite to the Hoodie, From Retired to "Re-tired" and From Mass-Produced to Me-Produced all demonstrate the analysis of modern work shifts studied in the From/To report.

Though the future of work will always be in the future, the future of your work has never been closer. The rise of robots, machine intelligence, distributed ledgers, quantum physics, "gig" labor, the unexaggerated death of privacy, a world eaten alive by software — all these trends point to a new world that's shaping up quite differently from anything we've ever seen, or worked in, before. Whether you're excited by the future or fearful, this is no time to not be paying attention. The future of your work is changing — the From/To report is your field guide.