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Discover The Future of Work

COVID–19 has disrupted every aspect of our work, life, and society. Oil and gas companies must seize every opportunity to strengthen their relationship with customers and foster loyalty to survive and thrive in a post COVID-19 world. We propose five jobs of the future that will emerge in the downstream business of the Oil & Gas industry in the next 10 years and potentially become the cornerstone of the future of work. We present these five jobs in the form of short job summaries, similar to those your HR organization will soon need to write, along with their anticipated time horizon of becoming a reality. Read on to examine the new jobs that will be central to the future. You never know, one day you might be doing one of them.

#1. Cleanliness Control Center (CCC) Head

COVID-19 has changed how consumers and employees see the world. With this new perspective, they suddenly realize that everything around them is unclean and potentially unsafe: fuel stations, offices, public spaces, automobiles, refineries (you can read more about the cleanliness movement here). Our response must be a prolonged, war-like emphasis on cleaning up. We want to lead the global clean regime movement by establishing a new Cleanliness Control Center (CCC). It will be a world-class, AI-driven center to monitor and measure the cleanliness of our fuel stations, including staff, products, offices, and other facilities. As head of the center, you will ensure social distancing protocol at all our locations and initiate automated cleanliness actions and collect and act upon feedback from customers and employees.

We are looking for an experienced professional to establish and lead our CCC. You will be responsible for setting up a vision-based detection system (VDS) by adding image processing techniques to our existing surveillance infrastructure. At the core of this VDS will be self-learning algorithms that will automatically detect germs and other unwanted particles both on the surface and in the air, and instruct autonomous robots to undertake necessary cleaning. You will also ensure employees follow cleanliness protocols before getting into the office and other locations.

As CCC Head you will assess customers' and employees' behaviors after the cleanliness drive, recommend changes to sales, marketing, HR and operations teams, and implement various programs to educate and raise awareness of cleanliness. You'll establish a team of monitoring agents, floor cleanliness supervisors, technical experts, forecasters, and consultants to keep our spaces clean 24/7. By acting as a cleanliness ambassador for the company, you will help measure employees' performance and financial impact of the cleanliness regime on our business.

Time Horizon: 2022

#2. Brand Trust Officer

COVID-19 crisis is challenging the oil and gas companies to reimagine their brand differently. Fear, anxiety, and suspicion, along with new isolation-induced habits, will reshape consumers' behavior in the post-COVID-19 world. Our biggest challenge is how to make consumers comfortable in returning to our fuel stations. We want to move away from purely transactional relationships (buy fuel and forget) with consumers and invest in something more meaningful: trust. As a critical member of our global leadership team, the Brand Trust Officer will be focused on rebuilding trust with our consumers. We want to align our brand objectives, priorities, and budgets around the new 3Rs framework — Reputation, Relevance, Resonance. You will develop trust mechanisms within this framework by building:

  • Reputation: Brand reputation is the perception consumers have of our brand. You'll make it easier for consumers to experience our brand value. This will involve proactively managing our brand reputation online (types of conversations happening around oil & gas), focusing on the company's assurance towards the cleanliness and hygiene of our fuel stations, delivering socially responsible actions (reducing carbon footprint, environmentally conscious investments in our refinery plants, etc.) and making payment an experience (voice), not just a transaction.
  • Relevance: You'll ensure our customers feel they're known. This involves providing a seamless brand experience through cognitive computing-based fuel customer service i.e. chatbots, making "transparency" core to our brand promise in data usage for discounts/rewards at fuel stations, and being an inclusive brand that conveys its stance on issues that matter to customers (environmental protection, for instance).
  • Resonance: Content conveys the brand and ours currently feels disconnected from the audience. You'll make our online content READ (Relevant, Engaged, Accurate, Designed). You'll help trigger meaningful conversations with customers online, especially on issues like "the future of fuel stations in after the virus world," to position ourselves as a brand that genuinely cares.

This isn't a one-off job. You will need to monitor how our brand is faring within the 3Rs and make continuous adjustments to elevate brand trust.

Time Horizon: Immediate

#3. Human Refueling Director

After a long period of social distancing, there will be a dire need for humans to refuel themselves both for mind and body. We want to be a goto brand for consumers to refuel themselves per their choice of fuel — in physical or virtual. This refueling process will be different for each individual based on their preference and mood: rock & roll music, a yoga session, reading, painting, games — whatever it takes to refuel body and soul. We are looking for a senior, seasoned professional to lead our human refueling initiative. This role will have twofold responsibilities:

  1. Build, operate, and run human refueling centers at all our locations where consumers can relax for short periods. You will also collaborate with talented engineering leads and technical artists, leveraging technology to create best-in-class augmented reality experiences at these locations. Technology will meet humanity in these centers where consumers will be able to select their fuel of choice.
  2. Create similar virtual experiences for those who are either still reluctant to go out or want the best of both physical and virtual worlds. You will add human refueling features to our existing app, Setel, for consumers to refuel themselves anytime, anywhere (in the comfort of their home, office, or on-the-go). The human refueling feature will transform Setel be more than just an e-payment app for our customers.

As a key member of our global leadership team, our human refueling director will be responsible for establishing new vendor relationships, developing sales and marketing strategies, and creating "human refueling" as a new service line and monetize it. You will build a fun-filled, energetic team of designers, architects, sculptors and more. Your ultimate goal will be to elevate consumers' mood by helping them experience what they enjoy most in life.

Time Horizon: 2025

#4. Voice Search Analyst

Voice is the new interface between businesses and consumers, making interactions with businesses more natural and seamless, and we want to capitalize on this new trend. Our revamped fuel stations cater fully to the needs of the modern consumer, and we need to be immediately relevant to this consumer when they're performing voice searches: "Hey Alexa, find the nearest fuel station." We want the personal voice assistants to not only suggest our nearest fuel station but also mention the cleanliness of the station, ongoing promotions and discounts, provide safety tips, and highlight everything that makes consumers feel valued. The biggest challenge for us is how to get our brand on the tip of these voice-based personal assistants' tongues.

Our company is looking for a voice search analyst who will develop and execute search strategies to make our brand frequently recommended by voice-based personal assistants. In particular, you will help optimize our digital assets for voice search. You'll ensure our website is optimized for voice, and our local SEO listings are up to date, including the information in our Google My Business listing. Humans use different language and phrases when conducting voice vs. text searches; we need to fine-tune our online content for voice algorithm understanding. You'll collect feedback from sales, marketing, and customer service teams on the conversations they have with customers; prepare a comprehensive list of phrases and questions, and sprinkle them throughout the website to gain the attention of smart assistants. You will also add functionalities such as travel and safety tips and human refueling options to make it easier for voice assistants to find our brand (i.e., Alexa Skills, Google Actions). You'll do whatever it takes to get our company's name first in voice searches.

Time Horizon: 2024

#5. Floating Fuel Dispenser Developer

We want to transform the on-demand fuel delivery from the surface to space. In the future, consumers may simply order on-demand fueling through our fuelforyou app, selecting the type and amount of fuel needed and within a short amount of time, an autonomous floating dispenser in the sky will arrive at their location, connect, and refuel their tanks on the spot. Floating fuel dispensers will be an entirely new method of fuel distribution for our customers. These compact, self-driven floating dispensers will be hovering over our cities and will be critical, particularly in disaster and emergency response situations.

We're hiring talented aerospace/oil and gas engineers to join our rapidly growing team to make the vision of floating fuel dispensers a reality. We're looking for team members across software development, aeronautics, battery technologies, and materials development to assist us in taking our V1 & V2 prototypes into commercial development.

Time Horizon: 2030

The world after the virus will look and feel incredibly different and the jobs above will help oil & gas companies redefine the purpose of their fuel stations for the new world order. However work changes in the future, our foundational belief is that human imagination and ingenuity will be the source of human work ad infinitum.

Stay healthy and safe!

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