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Why can’t everything in the world work like Hailo? If you’ve been in London recently you may have used Hailo

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Why can’t everything in the world work like Hailo? If you’ve been in London recently you may have used Hailo to get a Hackney carriage (a “black cab” to you mate) and if so I imagine that you, like me, were blown away by the experience. After a quick download of the app onto your phone, and a few minutes filling in your basic information, you simply tap “your location” and before you know it a cabbie comes along, greets you by name, takes you wherever, drops you off, and Bob’s your uncle. No credit card swipe, no cash exchange, no sitting there waiting for a receipt (it’s sent automatically via email or text). Sounds simple doesn’t it? Almost trivial. Well in a way it is. But that’s the power of Hailo. It takes an ordinary part of our daily life and through the power of SMAC technology (social, mobile, analytics, and cloud for those of you not paying attention at the back of the room) and a “Code Halo” view of the world makes that ordinary thing just a little extraordinary.  That ordinary part of your day is made easier, quicker, and just less of a hassle. No more standing in the rain trying to catch the eye of the cabbie at 100 feet, no more competing with a hundred other slightly drunk folks leaving the pub at last orders.

Once you’ve used Hailo a few times you begin to look at lots of moments in your day and think “this sucks; why can’t it work like Hailo?” Why do I have to sign in at the gym? Why do I have to give my name to the maître d? Why do I have to put my credit card into a machine at the check in counter for my flight? Why do I have to input my credit card details into the telephone three times while I ‘m trying to talk to someone about my credit card bill? Why do I have to line up at the hotel registration behind four other folks at 9:30pm when they’ve only got one member of staff on duty?  Why do I need to get a ticket (and then put the ticket into a machine to pay) at the parking garage I go to every week? Why do I need to pick up a ticket at the movie theatre that I go to most Friday’s when I’ve already bought the ticket online? The list could go on and on. And on.

All of these moments – and many more – could work as well as Hailo. If a bunch of London cabbies (no disrespect fellas!) can make something as fantastic as Hailo then why can’t you Big Bank, Big Airline, Big Movie Chain, Big Restaurant?

That question aside (the answer to which is a mix of legacy, inertia, fear, not invented here syndrome, arrogance, confusion, and politics) the reality is that all areas of our lives ARE going to work like Hailo soon. As more and more people understand the power of Code Halos and see and experience examples of them in their daily lives we will see Hailo like moments everywhere we look.

In Code Halos; How the Digital Lives of People, Things, and Organizations are Changing the Rules of Business we examine many of the increasingly well-known early mover examples of the phenomena (Disney Magic Band, Nike Fuel Band etc). But every day there are more examples of our lives being made more hassle free by Code Halos. Soon you will check in to your hotel via your Code Halo Soon you will be able to check in at the gym via your Code Halo. Soon, the gestalt will happen and a moment that isn’t mediated – improved – by Code Halos will seem like a crappy relic from the past. Sort of like this

When we started writing Code Halos we hadn’t heard of Hailo. When we first jumped in it (literally) the synchronicity (thanks @OfficialSting and Arthur Koestler, who doesn’t have a Twitter handle!) was almost eerie. But as The Economist puts it “great minds like a think”. If you haven’t experienced Hailo yet, you will soon. Now in NYC, and Boston, and Dublin, and Tokyo and all points N,S, E, &W, look out for what I think is one of THE premier Code Halo experiences going. 

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