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Retailers constantly face changes—in product demand, in customer expectations and in new technologies used to optimize supply chains and promotional offers. Success in quickly adapting to the changing needs requires a flexible digital infrastructure.


Retailers must be equipped to replace the static infrastructure that holds their businesses back, with ones that empower continuous innovation and unlocks business potential.

The aim of every business is to satisfy customers with the right price, product and engagement model at the right place and in the right time. An ever-ready infrastructure grows, shrinks and adapts predictably on demand—with no adverse impacts to ongoing operations—in response to new business opportunities, competitive threats and technological advances.



A flexible infrastructure adapts itself to suit changing needs.

You can introduce new capabilities, reach potential customers, promote customer engagement and adopt better business models. To empower the always-ready retailer, Cognizant has built its Constantly Ready Infrastructure (CRI) on five pillars:

CRI Delivery Platform

This pillar provides the necessary preconfigured tools, as well as process and services delivery platforms to enable a quick rollout of constantly ready services.

CRI Reference Architecture

This technology architecture includes service catalog and blueprints, and uses standardized preconfigured systems to speed up time to implementation. The technology, building blocks and services jointly certified and built with Cognizant partners enable a seamless partnership.

CRI Partner Ecosystem

Certified development partners align their technologies with the CRI here, offering pretested and preconfigured elements with integration and service assurance to offer a smooth user experience.

CRI Delivery Model

This model helps businesses move from a siloed to an integrated infrastructure by assisting in proactive and automated process implementation, service integration in a multi-supplier environment or server alignment, as well as network and application availability for business requirements.

CRI Maturity Model

This measures an organization’s infrastructure maturity and helps build a roadmap to being constantly ready with a 360-degree IT performance measure grounded in outcome-based metrics such as agility, customer experience, intelligent operations and business value enablement.




    Cognizant Cloud Services enables retailers to adopt as-a-service models for better customer experiences, increased business agility and reduced capital expenditure. This enables IT teams to focus on strategic goals.

    To help retailers successfully move to and operate in the cloud, Cognizant offers cloud services using:

    Cloud Steps Transformation Framework

    Cognizant Cloud Steps Transformation Framework enables an agile transformation with minimal intrusion and maximum automation, powered by prebuilt solution blueprints and patterns, migration tools, factory models, performance dashboards, governance framework and integrated change management.


    This cloud service manager abstracts, governs and delivers services and on-demand experiences to enterprises by overlaying private, public and hybrid IT infrastructure components that include legacy IT assets and offer service and operations management features.



    Companies look at increasing business agility and productivity through an “always-on” business as well as by transforming end-user experiences. With automation—a key enabler for such requirements—critical resources can focus on higher skilled areas.

    Automation enables retail agility at three levels: data center, operations and workspace.

    Data Center

    At this level, the provisioning, orchestration, management, migration and scalability of virtual machines, hybrid clouds and multi-cloud environments can be automated.


    At the retail operations level, service delivery automation can speed up processes such as database administration, marketing communications and data search to better leverage both human and technology resources throughout the organization. This helps to achieve faster time to value and higher productivity.


    With the impact of technology consumerization on enterprises, increased workspace automation enables employee engagement and productivity via software-driven repetitive tasks and enhanced user experience.



    The proliferation of mobile devices and anytime-anywhere-anything retail access means IT must constantly update its services in response to ever-changing customer tastes and needs.

    Cognizant constantly ready service management has five key components:

    Service Provisioning Management

    Leveraging workflow automation, services are designed and provisioned based on factors such as consumer needs, interests, behaviors and preferences.

    Platform Management

    This integrated technology platform with plug-and-play design offers scalability, flexibility and control of service delivery, including smart analytics, to help identify and analyze important consumption patterns for greater real-time business insight and improved operations.

    Delivery Orchestration

    Incorporating features like SMAC stack integration, catalog-based delivery, and service orchestration and assurance, Cognizant’s service delivery model is designed to manage a constantly ready IT service.

    Smart Governance

    This is achieved by using business-aligned key performance indicators, and security and risk management, as well as self-service-aligned analytics and reporting.

    Value Management

    By providing service cost transparency, measuring IT’s value to business and aligning transformation to business objectives, we enable value management in multiple ways.

    Cognizant helps simplify, modernize and secure digital enterprises with ServiceNow. Cognizant is a ServiceNow Gold certified Sales and Services partner, Bronze certified Technology partner and a global MSP partner. Cognizant has successfully completed over 150 implementations and provides post-implementation support and managed services that cover core ITSM, ITOM, security operations, ESM and BSM processes. Cognizant has driven customer value and benefits by leveraging its deep industry expertise, trusted advisor status with 1,300+ global 2000 companies and a dedicated business unit focused on ServiceNow.

  • DevOps


    Constant readiness requires a quick introduction of new ideas and their continuous improvement. DevOps is a set of operating practices and toolkits that can transform the speed and quality of IT application delivery and services.

    Cognizant’s DevOps approach embraces three key concepts:

    Organizational Readiness

    Readiness implies the organization is equipped with technology-enabled agility, a collaborative operating model with a “continuous everything” mindset and competency orchestration to enable a successful transition.

    Legacy Modernization

    We employ a range of strategies for bringing legacy IT assets into the modern world through legacy application subservices, enterprise continuous delivery and application program interfaces (APIs) to integrate legacy monitoring and digital information management.

    Security and Compliance

    Often viewed as barriers to rapid and continuous innovation, security and compliance form an intrinsic part of the “change-ready” retailer’s DevOps toolkit via well-trained teams.

    Cognizant has extensive experience in DevOps and leverages the DevOps Assessment Framework to provide customers with comprehensive services that include strategy, planning, execution and managed services for optimized benefits to customers.

    We are a recognized thought leader in DevOps planning, technology and services, including containerization, microservices and platform as a service (PaaS). Cognizant has developed an open-standards-based unified solution for developing microservices and governance components.

    Cognizant builds and manages required artifacts for cloud-based or on-premises deployment.



Intellipeak is a framework of bundled services that ensures constant readiness for periods of high consumer demand, such as holidays, special marketing promotions or when unanticipated events—like popular items going viral—occur.

Intellipeak helps retailers mitigate risks by accurately assessing peak-volume readiness of systems and infrastructure. The framework predicts the outcome during peak periods, and helps them plan ahead so the applications and infrastructure supporting store operations, merchandising and logistics can handle such workloads with near-zero downtime.


This infrastructure service enables a responsive and flexible e-commerce platform that results in a seamless shopping experience during peak shopping seasons. By combining process and methodologies to ensure the highest availability with predictable operation, it ensures system availability under complex scenarios.