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Case study

The challenge

Our client is one of the largest omnichannel retailers in North America. With a rapidly growing digital marketplace, the company needed to modernize its legacy applications to adapt to market trends and reduce its mainframe cost (estimated in millions of dollars). In addition, the retailer wanted to establish a common order management platform based on cloud-native architecture and microservices, drive new growth and partnerships, and boost its annual digital sales with more consistent customer experiences.

Our approach

Cognizant was chosen as the preferred partner due to our in-depth domain knowledge and unique solution with end-to-end ownership. We helped the retailer develop a custom order management system (OMS) using microservices and Google Cloud Platform, we used an agile methodology to enable faster and phased delivery of the solution. Our client named this custom OMS solution Unified Order Platform (UOP). UOP includes diverse order fulfillment capabilities, fraud validation, invoice generation, streamlined returns, exchange processes, and third-party delivery services integration.

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Enhanced order visibility and fulfillment

Our solution reduced the retailer’s cut-over risk by transitioning traffic from its legacy mainframe system to the new UOP. Delivering value and return on investment continuously, UOP enables flexibility and scalability while processing orders across various lines of business. This helped our client expand its marketplace presence and drive growth with new partners. With seamless order processes and improved customer service, our client can deliver unforgettable customer experiences and grow at a faster pace than before.


capabilities implemented


systems integrated


decrease in business user effort