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Case study

The challenge 

G-Star RAW is a Netherlands-based global denim brand, founded in 1989, with innovation and sustainability at its core. G-Star’s online channel is operational in 47 countries with over 160 stores offering fulfillment. For its order management system (OMS), G-Star wanted to migrate to the cloud to support its goals for end-to-end omnichannel digital transformation. The retailer wanted to add cloud agility to improve business and technical features and it wanted to realize the benefits of a flexible infrastructure cost by adopting a “pay for what you use” model. G-Star also wanted to achieve scalability, as the existing IBM Sterling OMS was scheduled for end of life and unable to leverage capabilities offered by a newer version. The retailer was facing challenges around real-time calls because its existing unscalable on-premises solution provided inaccurate fulfillment data.

Our approach

G-Star chose Cognizant for our execution approach and deep domain experience in managing digital transformation for similar retail projects. Because G-Star was already on AWS for e-commerce, it made sense to maintain the relationship for the cloud migration. G-Star opted to implement the IBM Sterling OMS container model on a third-party cloud solution (AWS) and upgrade to a newer Sterling Order Management version. This strategy enabled the retailer to operate a highly flexible and scalable platform for the OMS solution that provides a single view of order and single view of inventory across various ordering channels.

We established a seamless data migration strategy from on-prem to AWS using a DB2 backup and restoration process along with the need to copy transaction logs as part of the final cutover plan, minimizing downtime to less than a day. The project implemented a multi-geography rollout that included timelines and user and process support for distribution centers in 15+ countries. Cognizant and G-Star migrated the entire platform to AWS, including four to five terabytes of data and messaging.

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Cognizant adds flexibility and scalability for retailer

G-Star realized immediate benefits after the implementation. The Sterling Order Management upgrade reduced overall application downtime and the amount of effort required for peak season preparedness, achieving rapid environment provisioning to support multiple business releases. It can now deliver support for faster ATP (Available to Promise) publishing to the ordering channels. G-Star is now capable of leveraging a fully digital platform with enhanced capabilities, high availability, and automated monitoring and disaster recovery.




reduction in overall impact of downtime

Cut effort and time

from up to seven days to 45 minutes via automated and rapid environment provisioning