Planning Your Next Step Toward Digital Maturity


Leaders, laggards and everything in-between: Here’s what you need to know to continue progressing on the digital maturity curve.

The early days of the digital economy are behind us, and businesses across industries are separating from the pack based on how they deploy new technologies, mindsets and business models. What are leaders doing differently from laggards? Which initiatives are yielding the biggest payoffs? What’s the next best move to make? We surveyed nearly 2,500 senior leaders around the world to find out.

Our infographic highlights some key insights from our study, including where leaders are investing, how much companies are spending on advanced technologies, the net economic impact of becoming more digitally mature, and what separates leaders from laggards.

To learn more, read our e-book “11 Insights for Getting — and Staying — Ahead in the Digital Economy” or see the full report, “The End of the Beginning” (registration required).