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It’s easy to talk about becoming a more digital organization — but much more difficult to actually do it. Roadblocks are rampant, ranging from disagreement over the goals for digital programs, to difficulty acquiring people with the right skills.

But companies are overcoming these challenges by defining what digital means for the business, aligning it with specific business goals, setting success metrics to track progress, and deciding which KPIs to modify to ensure progress across the enterprise.

In the 21 examples that follow, you’ll learn how Cognizant and Oracle have worked with organizations across industries and business functions to drive valuable and sustainable change using digital technologies and techniques. Read about how your peers are successfully improving their approach to human capital management, financial management, the supply chain, IT infrastructure and customer experience management using digital mechanisms.

To learn more, read our e-book “Achieving Digital Dexterity” or visit the Digital Systems and Technology section of our website.