Mandate - Idea Couture

The conditions challenging organizations today—rapid velocity of change, increasing diversity of competition, precarious geopolitics, systems level economic failings, excess of information, and changing definitions of value—are only exacerbated by the inadequacy of traditional planning and management processes whose shortcomings leave even the greatest global firms susceptible to the elements, without shelter or direction.

Our mandate

rethink • Today, organizations are battered by systems level economic failure and the collapse of traditional strategic planning and management processes. It’s time we revisit our beliefs, examine the origins of our assumptions, and test their heft across a wide range of possible futures. Honest, rigorous thought will be uncomfortable. Straight dialogue will be difficult. Plunging in and taking stock of the depths of uncertainty will make us vulnerable and more resilient.

reimagine • It’s time to explore the possibilities. We are in an age of ambition, optimism, and radical, positive transformation. Tomorrow will be unlike today. If we put purpose to art, if we make creativity strategic, if we support ideas with expertise, if we are thoughtful and deliberate about the world we create, then tomorrow will be better than today.

reset • Incrementalism is over. It’s time to fundamentally restructure our systems. It will take hard work, commitment, and the right assembly of talent. It will take courage to break from convention, unlearn what we know, and admit that seismic shifts are taking place. There will be risks, but the risks of doing nothing are greater. If we can dream it, scheme it, and mobilize it, the future is ours to shape.