IC/ transformation - Idea Couture

Organizational transformation starts with the core

Beginning with an organizational ethnography and extending outwardly, we help firms redefine core strategy, codify and socialize values, affect cultural and structural change, develop innovation capabilities, identify new revenue streams, and design transformative business models. In their various combinations, these activities are harmonized to align people with business objectives. Our process is equal parts analytical and imaginative. We map the mental models shaping your organization’s current core and rewire them to align with long-term strategic objectives and emerging business contexts. Each initiative is supported by a compelling story, backed by data and visualizations, and activated through people-centered methods and design thinking tools.


Rewire. Redefining the company’s strategic core

Whether these are times of prosperity or instability, a hard look inward can uncover the systemic factors contributing to your organizational health. We illuminate the core of your business, examining its structures, recording its culture, and taking stock of its vision, value proposition, principles, and purpose. Identifying potential opportunities for growth and unearthing where dominant logics may be limiting innovation, we work with you to create a robust future-oriented strategy. It starts with a challenge: to reinforce your firm’s greatest strengths and invigorate its latent potential. We also make a commitment to enact real change that results in clear and measurable value.

We explore and discover your organization’s current state, core meaning, and future ambitions.

We define mental models with data and visualizations that encompass new value drivers and customer needs through strategic foresight.

We rewire and roadmap strategies to inspire executive and management engagement.


Inspire. Trumpeting your story and organizational intent

The gap between strategy and action can only be bridged by a clear and compelling narrative. For an organization seeking to locate the spirit it was built on, a strong strategic narrative will inspire optimism and revitalize employee engagement. Organizational storytelling is one of the most effective methods of chronicling legacies and socializing a vision for the years to come.

Our Insights team conducts ethnographic research inside the walls of your organization to understand the past, present, and future of your brand and culture.

We craft a holistic organizational narrative, codifying your journey and documenting salient wins and challenges through a strategic lens.

We bring the story to life with deliverables designed to capture the imagination, inspire employees, and put a human face to your company’s mission and purpose.


Embed. Codifying and cultivating innovation capabilities

Innovation is an executive priority, but few organizations know how to build or optimize the process. While most innovations have historically come out of product development, a much broader, people-centric, multidisciplinary approach offers the power to develop ideas sooner, quickly observe blind spots, fail fast, and go to market with confidence.

We apply the expertise and experience we have gained from working in innovation with companies around the world to engineer an innovation process suited to your unique size, structure, and operational style.

We design and tailor innovation tools within the context of the organizational ecosystem.

We activate and bring innovation to life through tools, training, teams, tactics, and incentives.


Extend. Identifying new revenue streams with business model innovation

External forcesincluding shifts in industry structure, technological leaps, regulatory changes, evolving customer values, and increasingly diverse sources of competitionmay make it difficult to repeat past successes. But these forces also present new opportunities for disruptive innovation with the potential for winner-takes-all results. Business model innovation is not a spreadsheet activity; it begins with shifting customer behaviors and preferences. Through strategic exploration, deliberate design, and effective mobilization of resources, our practice helps firms fundamentally restructure business ecosystems, unlocking powerful new growth and revenue opportunities.

We examine external forces that influence the company’s logic of value creation and value capture.

We assess the current organization with a systems lens, uncovering organizational structures, processes, cultures, and capabilities.

We design innovative business models and identify new relationships, unlocking the latent value of existing assets.


We’re different

While some of our client partners are looking for wholesale change, a transformation doesn’t have to be scary or large. Organizations can transform starting with a single team, department, or functional area. Such a project can serve as a pilot study to gain understanding of how broad structural change might take effect down the line. Whether bottom-up or top-down, open or closed, driven by growth or competition, the approach of the IC/ transformation team humanizes change and delivers tailored solutions from the executive table to the customer’s reality.

We embrace simplicity by crossing organizational silos to uncover the hard truths of a company’s culture and everyday behaviors.

We power up your capacity for innovation, designing with the organizational context in mind.

We develop solutions with an entrepreneurial spirit—acting quickly, partnering intelligently, and iteratively improving.