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Discover The Future of Work

Advanced technologies will continue to boost conventional blue-collar workers into tech-enabled, high-skilled, valuegenerating roles. To optimize this shift, organizations need to accelerate changes to their workforce strategies, according to our recent research.

In our recent study, we found that less than half of respondents are making the necessary changes to their workforce strategies to realize the full value from augmented blue-collar roles. Failing to do so forfeits the 14% productivity bonus on offer by 2025, and fatally undermines future competitive performance.

Blue-collar work isn't what it used to be. Look at some of today's construction sites, where digital hubs connect and empower construction workers and tradesmen through intelligent workflows and synchronized tasks and activities. Or consider the state-of-the-art factory floors festooned with sensors and algorithms sequencing intricate hand-offs between teams of people and banks of machines.

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